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2016 Malibu M235 Wakesurf Boat Spy Photos

Surprise Pictures of the 2016 Malibu M235 Show Up

It appears the engineers at Mallibu Boats have been busy this summer creating a monster of a boat that will compete directly with the Nautique G23, MasterCraft X23, Tige RZX, and Centurion RI237. With a rumored capacity of over 3000 lbs. of internal ballast and a dry weight of 6000 lbs. we can only imagine what the wake looks like. Is this going to be Malibu's flagship wakeboard boat or one of the best surf boats available? Post your thoughts in the comments and let us know what you think.

Regardless of what this new platform is designed to do, you can be sure WakeMAKERS will continue to offer the best products for enhancing the performance of Malibu boats.

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2016 Malibu M235 Side Profile 2016 Malibu M235 Transom
2016 Malibu M235 Steering Wheel Control

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