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2015 Ronix Carbon PowerTail Wakesurf Overview

2015 Ronix Carbon PowerTail Wakesurf Board

Brand new for 2015, the Carbon PowerTail shape is back with a more responsive layup than last years model. We had the opportunity to test this board at the end of the summer behind a handful of different boats and it excelled well on medium-large waves. Although we didn't get to test it out on a smaller wake, the speed and wide powertail design should give this board enough push even behind a smaller surf wake.

At first glance, the 2015 graphic really stands out with it's clean lines and sharp carbon wrap. Another difference between the new model and the 2014 carbon board is the concave top deck and lighter weight. Once we hopped on the board it was apparent that this surfer is a completely different animal than the 2014 PowerTail... which we also liked a lot.

We spent most of our testing time on the 4'5" model even though our rider weight range was 170-210 pounds. One common misconception we hear quite often is that bigger riders need a taller board. This isn't entirely true, the surface area of the board is actually the biggest factor besides wake size and push. The wide PowerTail design gives these boards a massive amount of surface area. The 4'5" model has 959 square inches of surface area and the 4'11" board has 1067 inches. By increasing the surface area, Ronix was able to deliver a board that has the float and push of a longboard with the turning and slashing ability of a shorter, thruster style wakesurf board.

We ran this board with a few different fin options, but found that a single center fin was the favorite setup for the group. A single 2.9" surf fin placed in the center gave us enough grip to pump in and around the wake without making it feel too "locked-in".

The concave top deck is another new feature for 2015 that's designed to give riders better board control and overall feel. The 16 degree late rocker line is fast and when you combo that with the hard edging rails you get a deck with rail to rail slashing ability that is hard to match. The PowerTail feature gives this board a ton of push for huge airs off the top of the wave. If you want to live above the wake this surfer has everything you need to progress your boat surfing skills to the next level.

Key Technical Features
  • CNC Core - Handmade by robots
  • Carbon Wrapped
  • Fast, 16 degree rocker line
  • Concave topdeck
  • 3 - 2.9" surf specific fins
  • 3 - 2.3" surf specific fins
Spencer: "The Carbon version of the Power Tail is way lighter and a lot faster allowing me to push myself every time I am behind the boat." Bryan: "Best all around board for feel, push and speed" The Bottom Line: This should be on your short list if you want a fast and stable board that has good speed on the face of the wake and excellent airing ability. Buy the Ronix Carbon PowerTail»

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