2014 Tige Apex Series Spy Photo and Video (Updated)

It appears Tige is getting back to their roots. Could this be the legit wakeboard machine that Eric Ruck and Adam Errington have been wanting for the past 5 years? All we know is that this new project looks rad and is going to drop October 2nd. We are speculating it will be the updated version of the current RZ2. (Update: It appears that the 2014 Tige Apex Series of boats will be their hardcore wakeboard line.)

In the video below a middle aged Daniel Watkins boosting a double flip off of a double up. With input from Aaron Rathy and Dean Smith this new boat is sure to please the masses.

Daniel Watkins Tige Team Rider:
Dean Smith Tige Team Rider:
Adam Errington Tige Team Rider:
Dominik Hernler Tige Team Rider:

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