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Tech Tuesday #2: 2014 Straight Line & Liquid Force Ballast Bag Improvements

Welcome to Tech Tuesday! Each week we will choose one question from a customer and post the answer on our blog. You can join in on the action by emailing your technical questions to with the subject: Tech Tuesday, or hit us up on social media with the hashtag #WMTechTuesday.

What did Straight Line do to fix the fitting issue some of the bags had last summer?

Straight Line made vast improvements to their 2014 Ballast Bag Line. Based on customer feedback the bag fitting port threads have been reinforced with an internal composite ring providing additional strength and durability.

With 2 drain on either end and 2 fill/vents on top both the Straight Line and Liquid Force BroStock ballast bags will easily integrate with our side to side ballast transfer system we call the X-Link System. An additional spring loaded Link port also makes it possible to fill and drain with a Straight Line Sumo or Super Sumo Pump for maximum efficiency.

All 2014 Sumo bags are a compatible upgrade for the 2013-2014 Malibu Hi Flow Plug and Play Ballast System, 2013-2014 Axis Hi Flow Plug and Play Ballast System, 2014 MasterCraft Gen 2 Ballast System and the 2014 Supreme S21 Plug & Play Ballast System. All 1" NPT bag ports are compatible with almost any off the shelf threaded fitting as opposed to the 3/4" NPSM ports that comes standard in Fly High sacs and are proprietary.

Another big addition to the Straight Line ballast program for 2014 is the Axis Wake Research specific bag line. These bags are designed to fit perfectly in your Axis boat from the rear locker all the way to the bow. The new integration bow bag is set to be released early this spring making it possible to fully integrate your boat with Straight Line Ballast.

Why are Straight Line and Liquid Force Ballast Bags a good value?

-Easily integrates with WakeMAKERS X-Link System

-Versatile sizing: Straight Line and Liquid Force Bags are designed to fit in most boat manufacturer's storage lockers.

-Bigger 1" NPT ports: Compatible with almost any fitting system.

-Additional drain port is standard

Wade Motawi at Liquid Force "We have test results of Sumo vs. Competitor. Our Sumo Skin has 37% higher tensile strength and 150% higher tear strength. Yeah we were shocked to see the results too. Turns out we have a much stronger fabric reinforcement layer."

Liquid Force product designers met with Malibu product engineers to come up with the 600lb. bag that fits almost perfectly in the rear locker of Malibu and Axis boats. You don't have to spend the extra money on buying a bigger sac that you won't fully utilize. With Straight Line and Liquid Force it is all about getting a custom fit for your boat without the custom price tag.

The Integrated Bow Bag and two different Ski Locker Bags are new for 2014, so you can finally load up your whole boat with Straight Line Ballast.

Straight Line and Liquid Force Ballast Bags and their Actual Weight

Another bonus feature in the 2014 Straight Line Series is that you get more weight for your buck. We've been keeping our eyes on a WakeWorld post where a few guys measured the actual weight of Straight Line, Fly High, and Eight.3 bags versus the advertised weight... Lets just say that Straight Line and Liquid Force did well for themselves.

Liquid Force BroStock 750 - Actual Weight: 800lbs.

Straight Line Sumo 900 - Actual Weight: 1000lbs.

Straight Line Sumo 300 - Actual Weight: 320lbs.

Straight Line Flat Sac 800 - Actual Weight: 840lbs.

Straight Line Sumo Bow Bag 650 - Actual Weight: 830lbs.

Liquid Force BroStock 600 - Actual Weight: 660lbs.

Straight Line Sumo Jr. V 450 - Actual Weight: 480lbs.

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