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2014 Ronix Frank Wakeboard Bindings | Tech Tuesday #12

One of the most popular boots in the Ronix line is back and smellier (in a good way) than ever. The 2014 Ronix Frank Bindings are Adam Errington's signature pro model footwear. Adam likes to ride with a bit of flair and his pro model setup from Ronix is always pushing industry boundaries. A tropical scented tongue and water droplet embossed toes set these wakeboarding boots apart from the rest. If you want to stand out on the waterways this summer, the Ronix Frank bindings can help you assert your individuality and style.

The Frank bindings have a medium flex and form fit that appeals to a lot of different riders and riding styles. It is truly a "custom-fit" binding without the big price tag of some of the other pro model bindings on the market. When you match the performance with the price tag you get a universal wakeboard binding that's perfect for Intermediate-Advanced riders.

New for this year, the Double X Lacing System features improved wear resistance and tensile strength. The low friction eyelets give the 2014 Frank the best durability to date and they help increase the life of the binding. The Medium flex and custom fit option make the Frank binding a great choice for cable and boat riding. Ronix Lace Handle system helps you tighten up the bindings and get a snug fit. It also snaps into place and keeps the laces from flapping in the breeze while you're out riding.

Made from a wakeboard specific last -- the built in J-Bars improve heel-hold down and the Heat Moldable Intuition+ Foam Liners give you the best fit in the industry. The Frank boot offers a lot of similar options and fit the the best-selling Ronix One Series binding on a budget that will leave you some money for Mai Tai's and sunscreen. Frank gives you the pro model performance you want at a price that only the locals can get.

Binding Technology

Ballastic Nylon - The best wear resistance Ronix has ever produced. This material is applied on the tongue and it's designed to prevent the laces from cutting and long term abrasion, increasing the life of your boot.

Intuition+ Liner - The most comfortable liners in wakeboarding. Frank's Intuition+ liner is designed to mold to your foot giving you the perfect blend of comfort and control. These liners are designed to pack out less and give you that custom fit Ronix has become famous for. *The Frank is also the least expensive boot in the 2014 line with an Intuition+ liner.

Baseless Hardware - The original low-profile design from Ronix delivers superior board control and a lightweight foundation.

Eco Innovation - Ronix eliminated the use of PVC solvents and replaced them with more expensive and sustainable materials. Friendlier for humans and better for the environment -- we think it's a win-win situation.

Ridden By Adam Errington - One of the best all around riders in the sport, Adam is at home boosting behind the boat and hitting obstacles at the cable park. The medium flex and custom form fit of the Frank boots gives him the option to tweak out his grabs at the cable park, but still gives him the support he needs to hit double-ups behind a Nautique G23.

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