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2014 Super Air Nautique 210 and Super Air Nautique 230 Increased Factory Ballast Capacity

2014 Nautique 210 230 Ballast System

For 2014 Correct Craft has redesigned both the Super Air Nautique 210 and Super Air Nautique 230.

The newly designed 210 has been blessed with 1750 lbs. of factory ballast which is a giant increase over the 906 lbs. that came standard in the 2013 model. The 230 boasts even more water weight with a jaw dropping 2100 lbs. which is a more impressive increase over the 1075 lbs. of ballast that was available in the 2013 version.

Both of these boats should make a pretty healthy dent in the lake for both wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Taking a que from the G series the ballast now consists of soft sacs instead of bulky hard tanks.

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