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2014 MasterCraft Gen 2 Wakesurf System Released

It's no secret that MasterCraft has been working very hard to develop a functional surf system. It appears that 2014 is the year that MC has caught up with the rest of the industry. Last week at the national sales meeting they introduced and demoed the Gen 2 wakesurf wave enhancing system. The new system uses asymmetrical tabs that are dependent to the running surface of the boat that they are attached. From the video below it looks like it works.

We do want to note that the wave transfer on the X-10 does seem to be fluid enough for a transfer. There might be an issue when the customer steps up in size. The implementation of the product is not consistent with the other finished products on MasterCraft boats. This is not the fit and finish that would have been assumed for one of the most expensive product lines in the industry.

For 2014 MasterCraft's plug and play ballast system is coming back. Although information is still being gathered we can report that it is still a very expensive option and the bags will need to be upgraded. We will have 2014 MasterCraft wakesurf ballast upgrade bags available in order to provide a higher level of performance when compared to what is offered by your local dealer.

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