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2014 Axis T22 Wakeboard / Wakesurf Boat Announced

Introducing the brand new 2014 Axis T22 Wakeboard Boat. This new model will continue in the direction that made Axis Wake Research one of the most popular and talked about boats in the market place. As the price of the current A series boats increases there is still a need for a lower priced option in the market. The new T series will come in under $60,000 with few options. Using Malibu's SurfGate behind an Axis A22 or even Malibu MXZ 22 with the pickle'ish bow design provides less than desirable results. When water is able flow over a more dramatic angle at the first point of contact the surf wake seems to clean up a little nicer and has a better shape. The new Axis T-22 should be the answer that owners and dealers were waiting for.

WakeMAKERS' First Impressions:

Exterior Hull Design: By just looking at this new shape we can easily infer that the T stands for traditional as in the bow configuration. Besides that the hull seems to share many characteristics with it's older brother, the Axis A22.

Interior Cabin Space: The interior also has a feel of simplicity. The controls and seat configuration are typical of Axis. What stood out right away was the walk through into the bow area. This is new for Axis and a great way to get more space out of the boat. The extended play pen walk through in the A20, A22 and A24 was a deal breaker for many potential customers.

Factory Ballast: 900 lbs. Total (250 lb. Port Side Rear Locker Under Floor Hard Tank, 250 lb. Starboard Side Rear Locker Under Floor Hard Tank, 400 lb. Center Locker Under Floor Hard Tank)

Plug and Play Factory Ballast Upgrade: 1250 lbs. (400 lb. Port Side Rear Locker Soft Ballast Bag, 400 lb. Starboard Side Rear Locker Soft Ballast Bag, 450 lb. Bow Under Seat Soft Ballast Bag) Shop Axis Plug and Play Ballast Upgrades

Wake Enhancing Device: Malibu Floating Wedge - Free floating displacement foil device that is deployed under the swim platform creating down force.

WakeSurf Shaping and Transitional Device: Malibu Surf Gate - The wakesurf wave shaper that uses a paddle to divert the flow of water on the opposite side wave. Basically it will change the point at which the flow of water off of the side of the hull converges toward the center of the wave. The result is a cleaner face and longer riding area.

Propeller: Acme 1235 Wakeboard Propeller (Shop Axis Propeller Upgrades)

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