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New 2013 Supra SA 22 Wakeboard Boat Ballast Explained

The engineering department at Supra has pushed their own limits when developing the SHOCK AND AWE wake boat. The new 22 foot Supra SA top deck looks very similar to the 2012 Moomba Mojo but the cabin has been upgraded to meet the higher standards of Supra's superior fit and finish. Since we care more about the wake than how you feel sitting in your seat we wanted to explore the new ballast features that really caught our attention. For starters the new Supra SA has hard ballast with the ability to piggy back more ballast on top of the factory system. This means we will be able to get a bigger wake with minimal effort from the SA.

The sub floor "Liquid Lead Ballast" comes in at 900 pounds which is a great base for any rider. The new factory plug and play, "Flex Ballast" system, provides an additional 1,300 pounds. This will compete nicely with the offerings over the last couple of years from the likes of Tige, MasterCraft, Axis and next year's Malibu boats. Every manufacturer that has stepped up their game when it comes to additional ballast but they have also done it all wrong. We have faith that Shane and the other engineers at Supra have not made the same mistakes when designing the SA's system.

All of this new performance enhancing weight will be completely controlled with the push of a button on the VISION Touch dash. Check back for new Supra SA 22 Custom Ballast Bags coming soon.

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