2013 Ronix Eight.3 Ballast System Video

Just another new innovation for the watersports industry from the boys at Ronix Wakeboards. The new Ronix Eight.3 Ballast Pump has a flow rate of 3,700 Gallons Per Hour. That is over 500lbs. of water per minute and that my friend, is incredibly fast.

The Ronix Eight.3 Ballast Bag will have over sized ports to facilitate the best flow rates ever seen by human wakeboarders. There is a new way to drain your Ronix ballast bags. Flip open the top flap, pull the telescoping drain sleeve out, unzip the water proof zipper and throw your ballast pump inside the bag. This is the best way to eliminate air locking which has always been an issue with Aerator Ballast Pumps.

The new Ronix 8.3 ballast system is constructed and designed for use by riders that need to fill and drain ballast bags fast. For wakeboarders this means you will no longer waste your time filling bags preparing to ride. Within a couple minutes the boat is loaded and you are ready to progress. For wakesurfers this means the process of changing between regular and goofy riders is cut to just a couple minutes using two bags and one pump. This is an entirely new way to think about how you spend your time on the water.

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