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2011 Tige Wakeboard Boat Ballast System Packages

For 2011 Tigé has offered three ballast upgrade packages to easily expand the base factory ballast system. The packages are designed to help customers get the most out of their boats right from the dealer. The Tige upgrades work by piggybacking off of the factory ballast system which gains more water capacity by filling Fly High Ballast bags located in the storage lockers above the hard tanks.

If you did not order your Tige' wakeboard boat with the factory upgrade option you are not out of luck. By adding the Tige PiggyBack Factory Ballast Upgrade to your base ballast system you will have the rear component of the Tige Wake Surf Ballast Package or Tige Pro-Level Ballast Package which will enhance your surfing and wakeboarding wakes dramatically.

2011 Tige Factory Ballast Package Options -

Integrated seamlessly into the TigéTouch system, ballast monitoring and switching is as easy as it gets. Simply select the ballast screen and TOUCH the ballast tank that you wish to fill. The system will fill and monitor the level by percentage. Ballast fill preferences can also be programmed directly into the athlete profiles in TigéYou. When an athlete is selected, the tanks will fill to the set level automatically.

Tige Base Ballast Package:
The standard ballast package is 900lbs and is great for intermediate to advanced riders. The base package consists of two 250lb tanks below the floor of the rear storage compartments, and a 400lb single ballast tank in the bow of the boat.
Tige Wake Surf Ballast Package:
Designed for the intermediate wake boarder to the ultimate wake surfer, this ballast package is a 3 tank, 1600lb system. The wake surf package adds an additional 350lbs to each side of the in-floor rear storage tanks of the base package, along with the base 400lb single ballast tank in the bow of the boat.
Tige Pro-Level Ballast Package:
The pro–level ballast package takes all of your watersports to an entirely new level for a factory system. Designed for the maximum in all wake sports, this package is a 4 tank, 2000lb total weight system. The pro system consists of a 600lbs tank on each side of the rear storage compartments and a 400lb bag on each side of the bow.WakeMakers Tige PiggyBack Factory Ballast System Upgrade: The WakeMAKERS Tige Pigyback ballast upgrade allows you to add an additional 400, 750 or 1,100 pounds of fully automated ballast to the factory Base Package system on your Tige wakeboard boat at a much lower cost than you will see on your invoice.

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