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2010 Supra Boats Ballast System Overview

For 2009 Supra redesigned their factory ballast system to make use of Jabsco Ballast Puppy Reversible wakeboard ballast pumps, which offered a dramatic upgrade over their previous system. For 2010 they've gone one step further and integrated the ballast system functionality into their new in-dash LCD display, the V.I.S.I.O.N system.

The great thing about the new system for 2010 when it comes to adding additional ballast is that the duration the pumps run for when filling and draining is now user configurable right from the dash. That means you can replace the factory wakeboard ballast bags in your 2010 Supra wakeboard boat with larger versions, and simply adjust how long the pumps run for to account for the increases capacity of the new bags.

We offer a number of upgrades for Supra owners, from individual bags for surfing, to the complete Gravity Games ballast system, and if with 2010 boats, it's incredibly easy to upgrade. Whether you've got a new Supra, or any other boat, contact a ballast expert for more information on the available products to upgrade your wake.

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