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Moomba Outback V Wakesurf Ballast Upgrade

Dan loaded up his 2008 Moomba Outback V for wakesurfing using the Moomba Gravity III factory ballast system and two additional Launch Pad ballast bags. The result as you can see from the video above is a very surfable wave. To get the most out of your Moomba Outback V Gravity 3 Ballast System replace your 400lb. rear ballast bag with the Wakemakers Moomba BagBuster Ballast Upgrade (2002-2008) or the Moomba BagBuster Rear Ballast Upgrade (2009-2011) depending on the year of your boat. Both ballast kits include the fittings and any necessary hose extensions you will need to replace the factory rear ballast bag with a larger Fly High Fat Sac. Factory Ballast System Specs: Bow Ballast: N/A Center Ballast: 400 lbs. Rear Port Ballast (Left): 400 lbs. Rear Starboard Ballast (Right): 400 lbs. Wakesurf Ballast Configuration: Bow Ballast: N/A Center Ballast: Fly High Moomba Ski Locker Sac 400 lbs. Rear Port Ballast (Left): Straight Line Sumo V Sac 750 lbs. Rear Starboard Ballast (Right): Empty Extra Ballast: Launch Pad Sumo Jr. V Sac 400 lbs. (Placed on the Port side seat) Wake Plate or Wedge Settings: Wake Plate 1/4 Up Speed: 10.5 mph Occupants: 2 Prop: OJ 14x14.25 Shop for Moomba Ballast and Prop Upgrades»

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