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2006-2011 Mastercraft X2 Wakeboard Ballast Guide

If you're looking to extract the most possible performance from your Mastercraft X2 for both wakeboarding and wake surfing, this guide will show you which bags to use, and what your options are for filling and draining them.

For your 2006-2011 X-2 you'll want to use our X2 specific front and rear bags:

- Mastercraft X2 Specific Rear Bag #11014 - Mastercraft X2 Specific Front Bag #11017

Those bags can be filled and drained using a Tsunami Portable Pump #21001, or they can be integrated into your factory ballast system using our exclusive Piggyback Upgrade Kits:

- Mastercraft Rear Piggyback Upgrade #43201 - Mastercraft Front Piggyback Upgrade #42305

That will give you fully automated control using the switches on the dash, just like your factory system now, but with additional ballast.

Regardless of which option you choose to fill and drain the bags, you'll have a great setup for both wakeboarding and surfing, with plenty of capacity to make a great wake for both activities.

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