New Arrival: 1-1/8" Hose Barbed Wye Fitting

We have had a lot of customers inquire about the availability of the 1 inch barbed "y" fitting. Although the barbs are technically 1-1/8" it will still work with 1" ballast hose. This wye fitting is used in ballast systems that need a directional flow of water.

The 1" hose barb wye fitting allows for the joining of two hoses with more efficiency than a simple tee fitting. Priority flow design minimizes discharge from one hose to run back into the other, so whether it is being used to combine two hoses into one, or split a single hose into two branches, you'll get maximum performance in the intended direction of flow.

Ideal for combining vent and drain connections from one ballast bag together to exit through a single thru-hull fitting. Not suitable for use below the waterline.

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