WakeMAKERS Threaded Hose Barb Connector


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Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 32012
Item # 32012


Connect ballast hose to a female threaded connector for a secure and watertight connection.


These high quality hose barb connectors transition a threaded connection to a hose barb connection, making a simple and clean conversion from threaded connections to hose.

The 1" Thread x 1-1/8" Hose Barb version of this fitting is popular for Malibu and Tige owners that need to connect 1-1/8" hose to a threaded 1" NPT flange.

The 1" Thread x 1" Hose Barb version of this fitting is by far the most popular, and is used most often to connect 1" hose to a threaded 1" ball valve to feed water into a reversible pump based ballast system.

The 3/4" Thread x 1" Hose version of this fitting allows for the connection of 1" ballast hose to a 3/4" threaded connection. This is most often used to adapt an existing 3/4" threaded connection for use with 1" hose.

The 3/4" Thread x 3/4" Hose version of this fitting is most often used to connect 3/4" wakeboard ballast hose to a 3/4" threaded fitting. The most common application is for connecting Jabsco Ballast Puppy pumps to a bronze ball valve in the bilge of the boat using 3/4" hose.

The 1/2" Thread x 3/4" Hose version of this fitting is most often used to connect the 1/2" NPT internal threads on the pump head to a 3/4" hose connection. Each pump will require two fittings, along with two hose clamps (not included) to make both connections.

NOTE: We always recommend using 1" hose with reversible pumps, but if you must use 3/4" hose, these are the fittings you'll need.

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  • 7/6/2015
    All size, perfect fits, good quality
    Julien Larouche

    I really like this product because we can order all size of thread and all size of hose side. Product is fitting perfectly, just make sur you mesure you hose size to get the right product.
    Very good quality and super fast shipping

  • 7/1/2015
    Your the only place I could find these fittings!! Thanks for the prompt service
    Kevin Williams

    Excellent product!!! Only place I could find them is with you company thanks for the prompt service

  • 6/10/2015
    Very Good
    Robert Langston

    I used thread sealant when installing this into my brass ball valve. Worked well since I could not get a wrench on it very well to tighten it due to space constraints. I would recommended installing this on the ball valve before mounting the ball valve to the thru hull.