Attwood Tsunami 800 GPH Ballast Pump

Attwood Tsunami 800 GPH Ballast Pump



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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Attwood - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 4651-1
Item # 22001


Whether for use in a new ballast system, or replace a failed factory pump, the Attwood Tsunami 800 is a fantastic choice.


The Attwood Tsunami 800GPH centrifugal ballast pump is a dependable, long-lasting, compact and inexpensive aerator style wakeboard ballast pump. The low price, reliable reputation, and speedy 800GPH speed rating make this wakeboard ballast pump one of our best sellers. And thanks to the replaceable cartridge motor design, if the pump does fail, simply install a new cartridge, and you essentially have a brand new pump. Compared to expensive reversible pumps that need to be completely replaced if they fail, the Attwood Tsunami 800 is a great value.

For flexibility, we allow you to choose from the following discharge fittings based on the best option for your application. Please note that no discharge connection is included with the pump, so you will need one of the below adapters.

This pump is a direct replacement for the ballast pumps used on all Malibu wakeboard boats, and the drain pumps used on Centurion, Supra and Moomba wakeboard boats during the mid-2000s. For durability, the housing is made of a rugged fiberglass and mineral filled polymer that will easily withstand a pounding in rough water and is resistant to chemicals and petroleum.

With 3/4" inlet and outlet threads, this pump can be adapted to fit most applications with the various fittings we offer, but will most commonly be used in a system that utilizes 3/4" hose and connections. The inlet thread is 3/4" NPT, so it will mate directly to our 3/4" ball valve for intake applications, or can be threaded to any standard 3/4" NPT pipe fitting for the ultimate in flexibility.

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  • 7/27/2015
    Just like OEM
    Nathan Green

    This was an excellent replacement for my OEM pumps that came in my Malibu. Easy install, and twice as fast.

  • 6/24/2015
    Easy Replacement
    Nicholas Heimer

    This was a quick, easy, and cheap replacement for the factory Attwood fill pumps on my 2005 Super Air Nautique.

  • 3/2/2015
    Change your stock pumps for half the cost!
    Elliott Dollar

    Definitely have a lot of experience with Tsunami products, but coupled with the fact that they cost 50% less than the OEM Piranhas - I was stoked to make the change!

    Now post project, the install took more determination than simply swopping pumps and splicing wire. For example, the stock pumps are basically glued to the fittings that attach them to their respective ballast tank. When trying to remove the old pump & housing, you most likely won't be able to simply unscrew the old housing and replace it. (Surely that's the reason a lot of folks choose to stick with the OEM pump & replace the cartridge only.)

    I had to remove the starboard rear floor panel to reveal the hard tank, because when trying to remove the old pump housing the fitting popped right out of the hard tank! That's when I discovered how nearly impossible it would have been to simply unscrew the housing from the fitting. It was super difficult to remove it using tools in a convenient work location. The mid-ship pumps were easier to access so I was able to get those broke loose, but again be prepared to use some muscle to break the factory PVC glue seal!

    Fired up for Spring and stoked to have fully functional ballast!!! Thanks WakeMAKERS! Great customer service; thanks for calling me back.

  • 1/31/2015
    Great pump Great factory Replacement
    Jordan Covil

    This pump fit great super easy to install on my 2004 Moomba lsv. The Wakemakers team made my order so easy over the phone and help me get everything I needed.

  • 1/22/2015
    Great Pump
    Chris Lackman

    Awesome pump, fills fast enough with 3/4 fittings. Drains with ease. Can not fault so far and have used many times.

  • 7/12/2014
    Makes filling and emptying so much easier

    Bought the Tsunami 800 pump to manually fill a 150 pound sack I use to balance out the wakes on my boat. I use the quick twist with the LINK adapter to fill. The bonus was using it to empty the sac. I swap the inlet/outlet and use a piece of 3/4" hose (fits the other fill opening perfectly) with a pump barb fitting to empty the sac overboard - no more dumping the water in the boat. Made the entire process effortless.

  • 7/7/2014
    Nice factory Replacement

    Purchased the Tsunami 800 to replace my factory Rule 700's. Good fit and faster empty times. Only wish they would include the hose barb with the pump.

  • 11/11/2013
    Good pump at a great price

    Bought 3 of these pumps for live wells on a boat. Wakemakers had the best price I could find. The shipping was fast and well packaged. The pumps do not come with any hose adapters. You have to buy them separate. I would purchase these again and from Wakemakers if the need arises.

  • 3/11/2013
    Great Product

    Bought 4 of these to add to my factory system. Use them without problems to fill and drain 2 x 400 bags. So far so good!

  • 1/15/2013
    Attwood Tsunami Pumps
    Lawerence Rusty Jacobson

    I ordered two of these ballast pumps from Wakemakers. The pumps arrived via priority mail and very quickly. Love the service. The pumps are exactly as advertised and replaced my 13 year old and outdated Attwood live well pumps. Wakemakers markets these as ballast pumps, but note to bass fishermen everywhere, these pumps are awesome for use in your bass boat, too. They pump in water at an amazing rate and never get air-locked as some other pumps tend to do. No need to reverse your boat to have the pump primed for pumping - which is a real hassle. Wakemakers and Attwood, the right company, the right product, killer service and all for the right price. I give them both my highest recommendation.

  • 11/6/2012
    Great value, but slow if you have lots of ballast

    I used this to build an inexpensive over-the-side pump for my fly high sacs. It was a great value, costing around $55-$60 to build a pump instead of the $100 from fly high. It works well, but a few things I would say: SLOW to fill up my 800lbs ballast (10-15 min). Does not pump uphill too well. My boat is a V-drive, and by the time it pumps all the way up over the side down into the engine compartment it struggle to get going. I sometimes have to unplug the hose from the pump, let it prime, then plug it on again. Not sure if this is just on the 800gph or all tsunami pumps

    Conclusion: if this is your only pump and you have more than 300-400 lbs ballast, go with the bigger pump. Plumbed in i'm sure it would work a bit better. I am plannign to buy a 1200 GPH pump so I can run 2 at a time, this is a necessity in my opinion for lots of ballast.

  • 1/11/2012
    So far, so good.

    I purchased this pump for my automated system I am building. These pumps installed nicely and look great.

    As far as, great customer service, great advice, fast turnaround. I had my order in 2 days and couldn't be happier.

  • 7/2/2011
    great pump

    great pump but without the adapter, it is great for manually filling my ballast bags

  • 5/10/2011
    Seems plenty fast enough for most applications and easy to plumb

    I haven't mounted these in the boat yet but experimented with a 750 lb sac on my porch. To create the most realistic test with all of the restrictions you'd have in an installed system I used 5 ft of the 3/4" standard ballast hose, a 3/4" check valve, a Flow Rite 3/4" elbow and a W736 Flow Rite to Fly High adapter.

    With the bag's bottom 10" above the pump (Submerged in a 5 gallon bucket fed by garden hose) and the hose routed up to a height of 30" before going back down to the bag it filled the 750 drum tight in right at 11 minutes. If I get the same result when they're plumbed in the boat I will be happy with that and will have saved $150-200 over the faster options (More expensive pumps, hose, fittings, etc) that would really only be 2-3 minutes faster.

  • 4/27/2011
    Great Little Pump

    Good all around pump for 3/4" filling.

  • 4/13/2011
    Easy installation and good performance

    Super easy pumps to install with the 3/4" fittings. Also came with the added bonus of the elbow fittings to give extra installation options. Overall great value............

  • 9/21/2010
    Excellent for small fitting space

    I had to add 2 pumps close to the existing one near the engine. Thoses pumps were perfect for this application. They use 3/4" hose and fittings on both sides, so it was easy to fit them to the existing scupper with a 3/4'' manifold.

  • 9/20/2010
    Great Value and Performance

    I originally bought the two 500GPH pumps from Walmart since they were $10 cheaper each, however they took awhile to fill my Fly High Tube Sac. So I decided to buy the 800GPH pumps since they are faster, I should have just spent the extra $20 in the first place.. These pumps definitely made a difference and the filling and emptying was a lot better. Another advantage to these 800GPH pumps is that they use 3/4" hose and fittings were as the 1200GPH pumps use 1 1/8" hose and fitting. The 3/4" hose and fitting are fine for any ballast bag and they are cheaper then the 1 1/8' hose and fittings. Using 3/4" will save you money over all when installing a ballast system into your boat.