ACME 525 3 Blade 13" x 11.5" Propeller

ACME 525 3 Blade 13" x 11.5" Propeller




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Diameter 13"
Pitch 11.5"
Cup .080"
Shaft 1-1/8"" - Left
Manufacturer Acme Props - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 525
Item # 63008


The Acme 525 3 blade propeller is ideal for direct drive boats that are weighted for surfing or wakeboarding but still need decent top end to pull skiers or cruise across the lake.


The ACME 525 3 Blade Propeller is nothing like 3 blade propellers of the past. Prior to 1999, wakeboard and ski boat propellers were cast from molds, a process that offered little precision and had severe limitations for the size and shape of the blades. The result was inefficient props with small blade surface area and poor balance which caused vibration in the boat drive line.

All this changed when ACME revolutionized the manufacturing process by implementing CNC machining. Precision machining of its wakeboard and waterski boat propellers allows ACME to hold tolerances and achieve accuracies never before seen in the propeller industry. Which results in larger surface area props that are more efficient and perfectly balanced for silky smooth operation.

What does that mean for you? The new ACME 3 blade propellers are now capable of providing you with the same holeshot and top end performance that many 4 blade propellers deliver. Whether you want to make your old ski boat feel like new or improve the performance of your new wakeboard boat, the ACME 525 3 Blade Propeller will get the job done.

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  • 8/8/2017
    525 uber alles
    Herman Stehling

    Dinged my other 525. The best prop for my 99 21 i riders. Just a great all around improvement from the factory four blade. Buying from Wakemakers seems to add a bit more power to the boat also. They must be magic.

  • 7/8/2017
    Couldn't ask for better
    Matt Carpino

    My buddy ran my 4 blade prop on my 2000 tige 22i in a sand bar and needed a new prop. Went with this one and extremely pleased! Low end torque is much improved, wake is bigger for surfing and boarding. Amazing prop!

  • 8/11/2015
    Should have purchased sooner...
    Gregory Dulz

    With MAKEMAKERS' Prop Finder I was able to find this prop for my 1999 Malibu Sunsetter. I bought this one for the ability to add more ballast for wakesurfing and wakeboarding. I bought this boat used and should have purchased this prop from day one of owning the boat. Once I put it in the water for the first time with the new prop, the response was unreal! It really gave new life to my Malibu and allowed the motor to show off it's true capabilities. Overall, I could not believe the difference! If you run a decent amount of ballast in your boat, you will not regret this purchase at all!

  • 8/17/2014
    Won't buy any where else

    Called up & talked to the guys at Wakemakers after countless hours wondering & searching for a prop. They gave me great information. Changed from a 4 blade 13" x 13" to a 3 blade 13" x 11.5" per there recommendation. Got to admit I was worried about dropping that much pitch, but this prop is awesome. Really woke my 1999 2100v Tige up & only dropped my top speed from 48 to 46 mph. Don't waste your time, call & talk to them & get there recommendation. Can't beat the 2 day free shipping.

  • 6/12/2014
    525 Prop

    After wasting time going around with other websites Wakemakers made it easy to shop as well as having best prices and best selection