ACME 2079 4 Blade 14.5" x 12" Propeller

ACME 2079 4 Blade 14.5" x 12" Propeller




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Diameter 14.5"
Pitch 12"
Cup .105"
Shaft 1-1/8"" - Left
Manufacturer Acme Props - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 2079
Item # 64041


The ACME 2079 4 Blade Propeller is all about holeshot for heavily loaded wakeboard and wakesurf boats.


The ACME 2079 4 Blade Propeller offers more surface area than comparable 3 blade propellers which means a more efficient transmission of power, higher fuel economy, and more consistent speeds. Thanks to ACME’s continued devotion to push the ski and wakeboard boat propeller industry to new heights inboard props are helping ski and wakeboard boats achieve performances never before seen.

Prior to 1999, ski and wakeboard boat propellers were cast from molds, a process that offered little precision and had severe limitations for the size and shape of the blades. The result was inefficient props with small blade surface area and poor balance which caused vibration in the boat drive train. However, all that changed when ACME introduced CNC machining to the inboard propeller industry. By precision machining its waterski and wakeboard boat propellers ACME is now able to hold tolerances and achieve accuracies never before seen in the inboard propeller industry.

What does that mean for you? The ACME 2079 4 Blade Propeller will perform up to and surpass the standards you expect from the moment you pull it out of the box and put it on your boat.

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  • 9/25/2016
    Perfect WOT Centurion Enzo SV233 PCM 343
    Aaron Merino

    Result with this propeller is 5,100 RPM Perfect WOT and 34 MPH on my 2015 Centurion Enzo SV233 with PCM 343.
    With this propeller 14.5 X 12 Ramfill and Bow Ballast at 100% got on plane realy easy, no question about it this is the perfect propeller for this boat to Wakeboard and Wakesurf.

  • 7/24/2016
    2014 Supra SC 350 Must have
    Kevin Hunt

    If you've got the 350, this thing helps out tremendously. Couldn't get on plane to wakeboard with the 1235 and my old ballast set up (2450 lbs total), upgraded to 3750 lbs and changed the prop at the same time. Great combo, way cheaper than a new boat or a $7k blower! Also, I planned on hitting some lakes at high altitude so I figured it was a must.

  • 6/30/2016
    Amazing Prop!
    Jaime Cavazos

    Dented the factory prop that came with my Supra SA350, so was looking for a replacement with more torque and found this one. Installed it in less than 30 minutes and was worried that I hadn't installed it right. Took it out on the lake a few days after and it went from vibrating badly with my old prop to a super smooth ride. I love this prop! I went ahead and bought the C-Clamp prop and hardware kit, but the hardware kit didn't work because of the length of the key. My key from my old prop was twice as long. When ordering the hardware kit, make sure it's the right size key. Super happy with my purchase and delivery speed as well.

  • 7/15/2015
    Great prop for running heavy weight
    Jason Zamagni

    I was having trouble getting my boat to plane for wakeboarding. I upgraded to the 2079 and it planes really well now when I have heavy weight on. The description describes sacrificing top speed but it is barely noticeable. I went from a top speed of 40mph to 37mph. I also pull tubers in the low to mid 20s and I noticed no difference in the rpm at this speed range. I am REALLY happy with this prop and it's a must have if you are running big weight with a 350 motor.
    ~2014 Supra SC 3300lbs ballast

  • 8/8/2014
    Great Decision

    My other prop was damaged so I decided to get one with more torque. This is a quality made prop. Well balanced. I love the extra torque. It has also made idle speed slower and much easier to take up tension on the rope for new surfers

  • 12/18/2013
    Great Prop

    This was just what we needed to get us up on plane quicker. It used to take us a good 30-40 seconds. Now it takes us less than 10 Seconds.

    We run a 2012 MB Sports F21 Tomcat boat with 3100 Lbs of ballast and this is perfect now!