ACME 1617 4 Blade 14" x 13.75" Propeller

ACME 1617 4 Blade 14" x 13.75" Propeller

ACME 1617 4 Blade 14" x 13.75" Propeller



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The ACME 1617 4 Blade Propeller is a no compromise performance enhancement for boat with A LOT of additional ballast.

The ACME 1617 4 Blade propeller offers the most aggressive holeshot and acceleration for heavily weighted boats, but in a slightly smaller diameter for boats that have clearance issues.

If you use your boat entirely for wakesurfing and wakeboarding, and have added a significant amount of additional ballast, the ACME 1617 propeller will restore your boats acceleration, speed holding and fuel economy.

The ACME 1617 4 Blade Propeller offers more surface area than comparable 3 blade propellers which means a more efficient transmission of power, higher fuel economy, and more consistent speeds. Thanks to ACME’s continued devotion to push the ski and wakeboard boat propeller industry to new heights inboard props are helping ski and wakeboard boats achieve performances never before seen.

Prior to 1999, ski and wakeboard boat propellers were cast from molds, a process that offered little precision and had severe limitations for the size and shape of the blades. The result was inefficient props with small blade surface area and poor balance which caused vibration in the boat drive train. However, all that changed when ACME introduced CNC machining to the inboard propeller industry. By precision machining its waterski and wakeboard boat propellers ACME is now able to hold tolerances and achieve accuracies never before seen in the inboard propeller industry.

What does that mean for you? The ACME 1617 4 Blade Propeller will perform up to and surpass the standards you expect from the moment you pull it out of the box and put it on your boat.

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ACME CNC machining prop manufacturing process

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Diameter 14"
Pitch 13.75"
Cup .105"
Shaft 1-1/8"" - Left
Manufacturer Acme Props - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 1617
Item # 64034


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  • 8/31/2016

    ENZO SV233

    Replaced a bent prop on 2014 ENZO. Much smoother pull and develops wave much quicker. Realize now that my old prop was junk from when I purchased boat. It also improved the quality of the surf wave. Not sure why, but it is noticeable.

    Andrew Petrillo

  • 8/7/2016

    Amazing! Night and day difference

    I normally don't write reviews on products, but I have to say this thing blew me away. We have a 2005 Moomba LSV and really got into surfing a few years back. We are now up to 3000 lbs of ballast and the boat struggled to get on plane. If we could get the boat to hit 15mph it was amazing. Now I know you don't surf at this speed but sometimes you need to get across the lake to drop someone off or pick someone up and it took all day to get there. Read the review on this and was like, what the heck lets give it a go. Holy crap is all I can say! Night and day difference. Hole shot! up and on play like it was nothing. We could have a full load of people and still pull 250lb men up and not feel them. to boot we were able to do 25mph with a full load and only spin 3000 rpm. This thing is an animal! We had more room on the throttle, but didn't have the need to go any faster. Dumped the ballast and gave it a spin. Out top speed in the past was 32mph. With the new prop dang near 40mph. Better fuel usage as well.

    Amazing is all I can say! Truly amazing!

    Eric Sigouin

  • 6/22/2016

    What a difference!!!!

    I have upgraded to over 3,000 lbs ballast in my boat and the factory prop just wasn't cutting it. Ordered this prop per WakeMakers recommendation and it makes such a big difference. The boat now pops out of the water under full ballast and the perfect pass can easily keep the boat at wakesurfing speeds where it struggled before. I used to have my throttle all the way open to get it underway at full ballast and now I am at about 1/3rd to 1/2 throttle. So much better. I did lose 2 MPH on the top end, but that is not remotely a concern compared to the better holeshot and overall better performance. It is definitely saving me gas running at a lower throttle position as well.

    Dane Zemper

  • 7/22/2015

    Awesome Prop for all day fun

    Replaced the existing Prop, that lacked the power at full load. The new ACME1617 4 Blade does just that, has the Power low down to pull the boat out the water at full load!

    Awesome service at

    Volker Engling

  • 6/30/2015

    Amazing upgrade

    Put this on our Enzo 240 in place of the stock Acme 537. WOW...instant power! With 3k lbs of ballast it pulls so much harder out of the hole, runs lower RPM at surf speed, and improved the gas mileage. Top end speed actually improved slightly as well (though runs higher RPM). Should have upgraded a long time ago!

    Bryan Woolstenhulme

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