ACME 1229 3 Blade 13" x 11" Propeller

ACME 1229 3 Blade 13" x 11" Propeller



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Diameter 13"
Pitch 11"
Cup .080"
Shaft 1"" - Left
Manufacturer Acme Props - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 1229
Item # 63004


Ideal for direct drive boats that are weighted for surfing or wakeboarding but still need decent top end to pull skiers or cruise across the lake.


The ACME 1229 3 Blade 13" x 11" Propeller is nothing like 3 blade propellers of the past. Prior to 1999, wakeboard and ski boat propellers were cast from molds, a process that offered little precision and had severe limitations for the size and shape of the blades. The result was inefficient props with small blade surface area and poor balance which caused vibration in the boat drive line.

All this changed when ACME revolutionized the manufacturing process by implementing CNC machining. Precision machining of its wakeboard and waterski boat propellers allows ACME to hold tolerances and achieve accuracies never before seen in the propeller industry. Which results in larger surface area props that are more efficient and perfectly balanced for silky smooth operation.

What does that mean for you? The new ACME 3 blade propellers are now capable of providing you with the same holeshot and top end performance that many 4 blade propellers deliver. Whether you want to make your old ski boat feel like new or improve the performance of your new wakeboard boat, the ACME 1229 3 Blade Propeller will get the job done.

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  • 5/11/2016
    Sanger DX wakesurf prop
    Abraham Miller

    Although I haven't had a chance to run fully weighted yet, I love the prop. Like Quinton, I replaced a 13x13 LH on my 1990 Sanger DX.

  • 9/2/2014
    Sanger DXII Wakesurf Prop

    I bought this prop to replace the old 13x13 prop that came fitted on my 1993 Sanger DXII when I bought it (used). Surfing RPM's increased from ~1800 to ~2100. Top speed is still 40+ MPH, slightly reduced from what the 13x13 would do. Easily Pulls the amount of ballast weight that we run for surfing ~2200lbs. Fuel consumption while surfing has improved slightly. Peak RPM does not exceed Maximum rpm range for my motor (4400-4800).