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Wakeboard Ballast Parts

We offer a full selection of parts hand picked with wakeboard ballast system design and functionality in mind. Wakeboard ballast is a very specific application that requires fittings designed specifically for that application. You won't find any generic plumbing parts that don't work for your needs, and every component we offer is tested to perform in a boat, and in almost every case, costs less than a similar product you can purchase from a plumbing supply store.

You get the piece of mind that everything will work like you expect, spend less money to get better parts, and have one stop shopping convenience. That's what shopping at WakeMAKERS.com means.

Ballast Bag Fittings

Ballast bag fittings
Wakeboard ballast bag fittings for all major ballast bags.

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Hose & Accessories

Ballast hose and fittings
The highest quality wakeboard ballast and all of the hose clamps and fittings you need to install it.

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Thru-hull Intake Hardware

Thru-hull Intake Hardware
Custom bronze thru-hull intakes, bronze street elbow and bronze ball valves in every size.

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Thru-hull Vents & Drains

Thru-hull connectors and fittings
Create a professional install that matches your boat with thru-hull fittings and connectors in every color and size.

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Check Valves & Vented Loops

Check Valves and Vented Loops
Prevent unwanted transfer of water into or out of your ballast system with one-way check valves and vented loops.

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Rocker Switch & Electrical

Rocker Switch & Electrical
Marine specific wire, switches, connectors and electrical accessories for installing ballast systems.

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