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Malibu Tankbuster Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade  

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  • Our Malibu TankBuster Upgrade Kit includes everything necessary to replace the hard tank in your Malibu with a larger ballast bag.
  • Malibu Sunsetter VLX with TankBuster upgrade using 750 lb. Fat Sacs.

Malibu Tankbuster Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade

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Wakeboard ballast for Malibu BoatsTired of the above floor factory hard tanks in your Malibu wakeboard boat taking up too much storage space and not offering enough ballast? Replace them with our exclusive 750 pound TankBuster ballast system upgrade for a massive wakesurfing or wakeboarding wake.

Instantly triple the ballast capacity in each rear corner, while at the same time restoring full use of the lockers for storage when you don't need the biggest wake possible.

Add an additional 750lbs. of ballast to your wakeboard boat's factory ballast system with our exclusive TankBuster 750 Wakesurf Ballast System. Interested in adding more ballast to your boat for surfing, but don't want to mess with throwing pumps over the side of the boat? The WakeMAKERS TankBuster 750 Wakesurf Ballast System is designed to integrate with your factory ballast system, be controlled using the switches on your dash, and not required any additional effort to fill and drain.

How It Works
The TankBuster 750 Ballast System Upgrade takes the place of the existing factory hard tank installed in each rear locker of certain Malibu wakeboard boats. Once installed, the new 750 pound Fly High Pro X Series Fat Sac is controlled completely from the driver's seat, and uses the factory pumps and plumbing. Everything functions exactly the same as it did from the factory, but you've added an addition 500lbs. of capacity. Additionally, when the bags are empty, the entire rear locker is available, dramatically increasing the amount of storage space for gear and equipment. This kit includes everything needed for the installation, including a new ballast bag and the necessary Fly High quick connect fittings.

Once installed, the three ports on the new Fat Sac are connected to the fill, drain and vent hoses from the factory ballast system, making the TankBuster 750 a direct replacement. For convenience, Fly High Quick Connect fittings are used allowing you to easily remove the bag for cleaning, storage or winterization. Triple the capacity, double the storage space, all controlled using the factory dash switches makes the TankBuster is the perfect ballast upgrade.

The installation process is incredibly simple, completely reversible, and only has to be done one time to use the TankBuster system. Removing the factory tank and installing the new TankBuster bag typically takes a couple of hours to do both sides of the boat, so plan on leaving yourself and afternoon for the project.

Step 1: Locate and identify fill and vent hoses at the top of the factory ballast tank. The fill hose will come from down in the bilge of the boat, while the vent hose will go directly from the ballast tank to a fitting in the side of the boat.
Step 2: Remove hose clamps securing the factory fill, vent and drain hoses to the hard tank located in the rear compartment.
Step 3: Remove factory "L" brackets used to secure ballast tanks to the floor of the boat.
Step 4: Remove the drain pump from the factory hard tank by un-threading it.
Step 5: Remove the factory hard tank from the boat and retain in a convenient storage location.
Step 6: Insert pre-assembled fill and vent hose extensions into the factory fill and vent hoses and secure with the provided hose clamps.
Step 7: Attach the pre-assembled drain pump adapter to the factory drain pump.
Step 8: Secure the Quick Release connectors on the ends of the fill hose extension, vent hose extension and drain pump adapter to their appropriate connections on the new ballast bag.
Step 9: Test system for correct, leak-free, operation.

This TankBuster system is designed to work with any Malibu v-drive wakeboard boat that has hard ballast tanks that installed above the floor in the rear lockers. That includes, but is not limited to, the following models:
- '05-'08 Malibu vRide
- '02-'04 Malibu Wakesetter VLX
- '02-'04 Malibu Wakesetter LSV

For specific questions on fitment, and for possible compatibility with other models, please contact us.

ATTENTION: This factory ballast upgrade kit is sold individually. We sell systems individually so that customers can upgrade just one side of the boat for surfing if they would like. You will need to purchase two systems if you want additional ballast on both sides of the boat for wakeboarding or surfing regular and goofy. Contact us if you have any questions or need help determining the correct upgrade for your application.
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Customer Reviews

  1. Easy and awesome

    Review by jeff on 8/27/14

    I have a 04 lsv and this swap out gave me an additional 750lbs vs the 200 that comes stock. Very easy to pull out the old one and very easy to install.

  2. Great idea - wake sac installation packages.

    Review by Clary on 8/13/14

    Wake sac update packages for your specific boat, nothing to engineer, Awesome, buy and install it. Saving a lot of time = money...

  3. Malibu tank buster

    Review by Matt on 7/1/14

    Took 2-3 hours. Very easy. The wake is big and I don't have to add as many bags now. The 1500 lbs in the back make a huge wake.

  4. Malibu Tankbuster Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade - FANTASTIC

    Review by PAUL on 7/3/12

    Purchaced two kits to convert my 04 Wakesetter VLV, comprehensive instructions on how to fit. Hardest part was disconecting the hoses from the old hard tanks, but even with this had both tanks changed in one hour. The kit came with everything needed exactly when they said it would arrive. Now have a great wake plus lots of extra storage when empty and it will make winterizing far easier at the end of the season. Many thanks wakemakers.

  5. Ecellent Product

    Review by buck on 10/5/11

    This is by far the easiest install I have ever done. It literally took less than 45 min to remove the old tanks and install the tankbuster system. The bags are top qaulity and the kit comes with everything you need to install it easily. The wake behind the boat is crazy now and we couldn't be happier!

  6. Must have upgrade

    Review by Daniel on 7/18/11

    After taking out the hard tanks the install was easy and idiot proof.
    I've got so much more room and love the added ballast.
    The quick connects make taking out the sac for cleaning or drying out so much easier.

  7. OH YEAH!!!!

    Review by Higbee646 on 7/14/11

    Installation on my 2003 LSV23 took about 30 mins. and was super easy. The setup looks great and like it's supposed to be there. Not just a cheesy add on. The hoses and connectors wear sized correctly and snapped together easily. The wake/wave is insanely huge and makes surfing a snap. I did have to keep a close eye on the left side compartment divider. It is VERY flexable and if the bag is not centered in the compartment the huge amount of weight in the full bag will collapse it out of the mounting tracks. I think some basic reinforcement will be necessary. I'm VERY happy with the product and the customer support from Wakemakers.

  8. Makes a HUGE difference!

    Review by KrisT on 11/4/10

    So convenient to simply push a button and have the sac fill with the rest of the ballast system. Very easy to install. I plumbed it into my factory ballast system myself....so easy even a girl can do it! :-)

  9. Great Addition

    Review by Jeremy on 6/29/09

    Got everything installed and tested it out today. Pretty awesome wakeboard wake with bags half full and simple surf setup. Just two of us in our boat we filled the right 750lb bag, center ballast with wedge down and it was a super fun surf wake. Thanks again.

  10. Get rid of the factory hard tanks - TankBuster is the only way to go

    Review by Mike on 5/5/09

    I purchased the 750 TankBuster system for my 07 vRide a few weeks ago and can honestly recommend it to anyone who wants a larger wake. The extra 500 lbs made a huge difference with the added bonus of no more “throwing the pump” which inevitably no matter how careful we where would end spilling some water in the boat. This is so simple – just like the 250 lb factory hard tanks – I flip my factory switch to fill – flip my factory switch to drain.

    Additionally by being able to remove the hard tank, the system gives you a bunch of additional space to store your gear. Installation was easy and when I had a question the crew at WakeMakers where very knowledgeable and willing to help me out. If you are like me and wanted to have a major increase in your wake, but hate the “throw the pump” process – this is the system for you. Oh and in case I forget to mention HUGE WAKE!

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