Posted by Spencer on Oct, 19 2012

Another new look at the Ronix Eight.3 Ballast Bags from the people who built them. Check out the speed at which these things fill and drain. Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to “New Ronix Eight.3 Ballast Bags Video”

  1. jorge luzko says:

    What Ballast bags do you recomend for Yamaha AR 230 2007 boat?

    • Spencer says:

      On a 2007 Yamaha AR230 we suggest using the Ronix Eight.3 Telescope CTN V-Drive (400lbs. each) bags for the rear lockers and the Ronix Eight.3 Telescope CTN (800lbs.) bag for the center locker area. You can use either the Ronix Eight.3 Sub 3000 GPH Ballast Pump or the Ronix Eight.3 Sub 3700 GPH Ballast Pump to fill and drain the bags. We will have the product available early 2013.

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