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Premium Ballast Hose - Clear/Black

Premium Ballast Hose - Clear/Black

  • Our Premium Ballast hose features an internal spiral reinforcement, but is constructed with a clean sidewall for visual feedback.

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Premium wakeboard ballast hose features an internal reinforcing coil to minimize kinking, crushing and collapsing



The highest quality ballast hose we could find, this PVC hose with rigid spiral reinforcement remains unkinked around incredibly tight bends, making it ideal for routing in narrow passages. Maximum length uncut is 100 feet.

Embedded spiral design offers partial visibility, which aids in system troubleshooting by allowing observation of flow through the hose without impacting strength of resistance to kinking.

Designed specifically for the marine environment, this hose is impervious to salt water, gas, oil and heat, making it the ideal candidate for use in the bilge of your boat. Don't scrimp on the quality of your system by buying generic PVC hose at Home Depot, the few dollars you save isn't worth the hassle of reduced flow and durability.

Don't jeopardize the functionality and lifespan of your wakeboard ballast installation by using clear hose from Home Depot just to have $20, buy the hose the manufacturers put in the boat from the factory.


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  • 8/29/2014
    martinarcher This hose is the best I've found to resist kinking. The hose looks great, does not kink, is clear so you can verify flow and diagnose any issues. As long as you've got a heat gun to heat up the ends for installing fittings you're set. I recommend using band crimp clamps for a clean install.
  • 6/30/2014
    Like the clear
    Matt I like the clear so you can see the water flow - I used these for my vent lines and its nice to see the water start to fill them before its starts to overflow if you want. Easy to cut and install.
  • 5/18/2014
    Good hose but be prepared for extra work
    Daniel This hose is excellent in terms of quality. One thing I was not prepared for however, is how hard it is to get this hose onto any barb fittings. It takes a great deal of work. I had to heat every connection with a hair drier and use soap to get this hose over the barbs that came with my ballast kit. Don't know if the upgrade in quality is worth the extra effort.
  • 5/18/2014
    Great hose...great price
    John I've used hose from Home Depot--typically either too stiff (e.g. spa hose) or it collapses relatively easily. This stuff is flexible and resists collapsing. I had trouble getting it on the fitting I had (which was 1/8" larger than the ID of the hose). I used a heat gun to get it soft and it slipped on easily. When it cooled, it locked on so tight that I doubt I needed a hose clamp. And it's cheaper than what I used to buy.
  • 5/12/2014
    Good Hose
    Aaron Its nice to be able to see if the water is actually running through the hose or not. Hooked up nice with a 1" fat sac connector as long as you use heat on it. I would recommend this hose over the regular black one.
  • 10/8/2011
    Great hose
    SupraMD This hose is great! Doesn't kink , even with the tightest turns. Being clear is a bonus.
  • 5/10/2011
    Great for replacing cheap vinyl hose on portable pumps
    Jeff I bought 9' of this to replace the cheap vinyl hose that came on my StraightLine portable pump. It was tough to get it onto the 1 1/8" diameter fittings but a heat gun made it doable. No more kinks restricting/stopping flow now and it rolls up much tighter and prettier.

    From an aesthetic perspective I would not recommend the crimp on hose clamps for this hose. The ribbed surface makes the clamps get all crooked and what not. They work fine but just don't look spectacular. The more rigid worm drive type clamps would probably look a little better but I guess the tradeoff is that you may end up with a sharp edge.
  • 7/11/2010
    Awesome Hose
    James This hose is awesome. It is worth the little bit extra money then the base hose. You can see the water flowing through it easily. Also it is extremely flexible and durable. I would buy this hose again! Some of the nicest hose for this type of application that I have ever seen!
  • 6/15/2010
    Quality Ballast Hose
    Jerrod Great quality hose for connecting your ballast system. I have used this over the 1200 pump.
  • 3/8/2010
    High Quality Product
    astinwes I bought this to do a pump upgrade on my supra. The hose is very high quality, will bend a very tight radius with no kink.
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