Malibu PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade (2005-2011)

Malibu PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade (2005-2011)
  • Our PiggyBack Factory Ballast Upgrade for Malibu boats is a complete package that includes everything you need to expand the capacity of your boat's ballast system.
  • Malibu PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade (2005-2011)
  • When empty our Piggyback system takes up essentially no additional space, leaving plenty of room for gear, and is durable enough to have everything loaded directly on top.
  • 2006 Malibu VLX - 750lb. Fly High Fat Sac in the rear locker

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Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 42401
Item # 42401


This piggyback factory ballast upgrade will help you produce the perfect wakeboard and wakesurf wake behind your 2005-2011 Malibu Wakesetter.


New and Improved!

Our exclusive Malibu PiggyBack ballast upgrade solution has been completely re-engineered for far faster draining, and even easier installation.

Get the Wake You've Always Wanted

Unlock your boat's performance by adding over four times the capacity to the factory ballast system.

The factory rear hard tank in your boat currently holds 250 pounds of water. Our PiggyBack upgrade will allow you to add an additional ballast bag on top of the factory system for over 1,000 pounds of wake building capacity in each rear locker! Just imagine the improvement in the surf wake you'll see with that much additional weight.

A Perfect Fit For Your Malibu

Designed specifically for the boat they will be installed in, our PiggyBack upgrade systems are guaranteed to fit and perform perfectly.

Simple installation and a perfect fit is the goal with our factory upgrade solutions. Trust the experts that your system will work exactly as you expect, because it's made just for your boat. We always recommend getting the maximum capacity possible in each rear locker, as that will give you the ability to build the best wake, even if you don't use that full capacity every day.

Year/Model Best Performance
2007-2011 Wakesetter VTX 600lb Straight Line
Rated Capacity: 600lbs
Loaded Capacity: 600lbs
2005-2008 Wakesetter VLX 800lb WakeMakers Eight.3
Rated Capacity: 800lbs
Loaded Capacity: 700lbs
2005-2007 Wakesetter 23 LSV 800lb WakeMakers Eight.3
Rated Capacity: 800lbs
Loaded Capacity: 700lbs
2008-2011 Wakesetter 23 LSV 800lb WakeMakers Eight.3
Rated Capacity: 800lbs
Loaded Capacity: 700lbs
2006-2011 Wakesetter 247 800lb WakeMakers Eight.3
Rated Capacity: 800lbs
Loaded Capacity: 700lbs
2009-2011 vRide 21 800lb WakeMakers Eight.3
Rated Capacity: 800lbs
Loaded Capacity: 700lbs
2006-2010 vRide 23 800lb WakeMakers Eight.3
Rated Capacity: 800lbs
Loaded Capacity: 700lbs

Easy DIY Friendly Installation

Seriously, install it yourself in 20 minutes, no trip to the dealer necessary.

Our PiggyBack upgrades are designed to be installed quickly and easily by you! In fact, the entire installation can be performed with just a screwdriver and many customers tell us they finish the installation in less than 15 minutes. Oh, and did we mention it's completely reversible with no modifications if you decide to sell your boat?

Of course if you would prefer to let the professionals handle it, any dealership or marine service center will be happy to take care of the installation for you.

Better wake for your Malibu wakeboard boatSmall Cost, Huge Payoff
Our Malibu PiggyBack systems are designed to be affordable to buy, simple to install, easy to use, but have a huge impact on the size

ATTENTION: This factory ballast upgrade kit is sold individually. We sell systems individually so that customers can upgrade just one side of the boat for surfing if they would like. You will need to purchase two systems if you want additional ballast on both sides of the boat for wakeboarding or surfing regular and goofy. Contact us if you have any questions or need help determining the correct upgrade for your application.
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  • 5/25/2015
    Awesome system
    Dan Kelly

    I bought this for my 2005 Wakesetter VLX. With the addition of 750 in the back corner the surf wave is great. It took a couple hours to get it installed but went pretty easy.

  • 8/12/2014
    Great extra ballast but a pain to empty

    I got the 750 version and found the installation fairly straightforward once I totally grasped the basic function. The key for me was that the sac now gets the water directly from the pump and the hard tank gets water as it drains from the sac.

    The instructions do not refer directly to the parts I received. The parts I got had all of the hoses precut with ends attached, which was nice as all I had to do was then connect to the hard tank and screw in the fittings on the sac.

    So the extra weight is great! I can actually do things now with just a driver and spotter. The fill time is reasonable but the drain time is horrible.

    Since the sac drains into the hard tank it relies on gravity to get the sac empty. The hard tank drain pump easily drains the hard tank but there is still plenty of water in the sac. I end up stopping the drain pump and wait until the hard refills at which point I turn on the drain pump again and let it empty the hard tank. It gets worse if we start traveling at speed as the sac goes to the back while the drain to the hard tank is at the front. So far I have needed to go back to the boat once after docking to do one more drain to get the sac flat.

    So it is really nice to be able to fill and drain from the console but the drain time really is a pain, not enough for me to want to return it but enough to make me reconsider going with a sac and it's own pump for the next time.

  • 7/11/2014
    Excellent upgrade for easy surfing

    I installed this in my friends early 2012 247, Everything came in the box and the instructions were pretty easy to follow - The hardest part is getting the stock hoses off - they are so stiff, I ended up cutting them since I didn't have access to electricity to heat them up with something. The bags fill fast but do take a while to drain - this isn't a problem for us because we just drain as were driving home.

  • 11/29/2013
    Great ballast upgrade for Malibu

    Have 08 Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV and added one 1100 lbs from wakemakers and it was easy to installed and throws a great wake. When bag ordered was not available they upgraded me to a color for free and shipped it promptly.

  • 2/14/2013
    GIANT LSV SURF WAVE and Poor Man's Surf Gate
    Jason West (WestyBu)

    Listen to these guys. I did my research and read some old threads on the forums about their kits. I was a little concerned about the time it takes to drain. I told them I needed this system to be faster and they came up with a new recommendation for my 2011 Malibu LSV 23.

    We went with two of the Wakemakers Piggy Back systems with two of the Straight Line Sumo 900 bags, and the Wakemakers X-Link system. Turns out I didn't need custom bags since the Straight Line bags have more ports than the Fly High's. I hit drain on my port side, fill on my starboard side and transfer right on the X-Link switch. Boom, I can switch from regular to goofy in under 5 minutes.

    We were able to do the surf gate thing and have a rider cross the wake (video to come). He was riding a giant Ronix Duke surfboard but still pretty cool stuff. All this was under $800.00.

  • 2/10/2013
    Piggyback upgrade works well.
    David West

    I was a little skeptical of this system as I had read several reviews on other forums that had painted this set up to be really slow in draining. I installed the set up on both sides of my 2006 VLX, and am very happy in its filling and draining. Sooooo much better than having to manually fill and drain sacks by hand.

  • 6/2/2012
    It works!

    The system designed. It was simple to install after I contacted the WakeMakers' very helpful staff for verbal instructions. The pics/instructions that came w/the kit aren't helpful. But, all that one needs to know is that the existing fill hose, which comes from the pump, gets extended to fill the new bag, that the drain of the new bag fills the hard tank and that the vent from the new bag Tees into the vent line from the hard tank. That's it. Install is really quick and easy. Simply because there's are many more gallons to pump, and only the one pump for either fill or drain, fill/drain times are extended to about 15 to 20 min. total (but worth the wait). I think I may upgrade the fill/drain lines (especially the drain line) to 1" just to reduce resistance as much as possible, which may help in slightly quicker fill/drain times (again, especially the drain time).

  • 8/14/2011
    Excellent upgrade for the $$

    The Piggyback package works as advertised and makes for an excellent wake on my 20' VTX. The stock left rear tank plus the 750 lb fat sack gives me 1000 lbs in the back. With the center tank full and a driver and spotter in the boat, I was able to get a wave massive enough to spin 360s. I figure I will make my money back quickly now that I don't have to invite 6 friends and let them all take a turn. The only negative thing I have to say is that the instructions and pictures were horrible. It should only take about 45 min to an hour to install but just figuring out what the instructions wanted me to do took an extra hour.

    NOTE: We are working to update all of our installation guides with additional information to clarify any points of confusion. We also offer lifetime technical support with any purchase, so you can always contact us via phone or email for additional assistance.

    Thanks for the feedback - Team