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Mastercraft PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade

Mastercraft PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade

  • Our Piggyback solution for Mastercraft boats includes everything needed to expand the capacity of the factory rear ballast tanks, and still have everything be completely automated.
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Expand the capacity of your Mastercraft's factory ballast system for a better wakeboard or wakesurf wake.


Add additional wakeboard or wakesurf ballast to your Mastercraft boat's factory ballast system with our exclusive MasterCraft PiggyBack Wakesurf System. Interested in adding more ballast to your boat for surfing, but don't want to mess with throwing pumps over the side of the boat? The WakeMAKERS MasterCraft Rear PiggyBack Ballast System is designed to integrate with your factory ballast system, be controlled using the switches on your dash, and not required any additional effort to fill and drain.

How It Works
The Rear PiggyBack Ballast System Kit is designed to make use of the existing pumps, hoses and switches in your Mastercraft, to expand the capacity of your factory rear ballast tanks from 250lbs. to an incredible 1,350lbs. This kit includes everything needed for the installation, including a ballast bag of your choice (Fly High, Straight Line, or Eight.3) and the necessary quick connect fittings.

As the name implies, this Ballast System Add-On is connected inline with the overflow of the factory ballast tank, allowing it to PiggyBack on the factory system. In the factory configuration when the in-floor hard tank is full excess water is dumped overboard through the vent hose. With the PiggyBack system installed, excess water from the hard tank flows into the Fly High ballast bag, allowing it to fill after the factory tank is full. Once the new bag is full (which means the factory tank is full), excess water will flow out of the overflow of the bag, and through the factory thru-hull fittings, allowing the system to function exactly the same as the stock ballast setup, but with the additional capacity of the 750lb. ballast bag.

Draining is exactly the opposite; as the factory drain pump remove water from the tank, gravity forces water out of the Fly High bag and into the hard tank until both ballast bag and tank are empty.

One simple and completely reversible change is required to install the PiggyBack system, and the entire process takes less than 30 minutes.

For specific questions on fitment, and for possible compatibility with other models, please contact us.

Step 1: Loosen the hose clamps on the vent hose located on top of the hard tank and remove the hose. Try to unthread the barb vent fitting in the top of the hard tank. If this is removable use the 1” NPT fitting in it’s place.

NOTE: If the fitting is not removable use a short section of the black MasterCraft OEM hose and the gray 1” thread x 1” quick connect fitting between the hose extension and the tank barb.

Step 2: Connect the quick connect elbow fitting that is closest to the black 1 PSI check valve onto the ballast tank fitting seen above. Slide the red collar down to secure the connection.

Step 3: Loosen the clamp securing the hose to the thru-hull in the side of the boat and remove the hose.

Step 4: Using the pre fabricated kit place the hose that is not labeled onto the vent thru-hull fitting in the side of the boat. Secure with a hose clamp.

Step 5: Thread the male quick connect fittings into your MasterCraft X2 Ballast bag.

Step 6: Connect the straight hose fitting, labeled Fill/Drain, onto the bottom bag fitting. Slide the red collar down to secure the connection.

Step 7: Connect the elbow hose fitting, labeled Vent/Overflow, onto the top bag fitting. Slide the red collar down to secure the connection.

Step 8: Locate the unlabeled, unterminated bare hose end and slide that onto the vent thru-hull fitting located on the side of the boat. Secure with a hose clamp.

This Piggyback system is designed to work with

ATTENTION: This factory ballast upgrade kit is sold individually. We sell systems individually so that customers can upgrade just one side of the boat for surfing if they would like. You will need to purchase two systems if you want additional ballast on both sides of the boat for wakeboarding or surfing regular and goofy. Contact us if you have any questions or need help determining the correct upgrade for your application.


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  • 1/11/2015
    easy install!
    Shelly Morden Easy to install. Simple instructions. Took 30 minutes tops!! Needs longer drain tubes though.
  • 9/2/2014
    fat sack
    Kyle I have 2006 X-45. I installed a fat sac on each side. I had to pick up longer drain tubes to accommodate for the extra length to reach the sac. Install took about an hour and is simple. It fills perfectly but fills slowly as it runs off the boat pump. The 750 lb sac fits perfect.
  • 8/4/2014
    Absolute Must Have
    BurningGasOnTableRockLake We have a 2010 Mastercraft X-25 with the factory ballast and while it was enjoyable, it just seemed like something was missing while surfing. Added the Piggy Back system in both rear lockers with the Fly High 400 pound bags.

    Installation took about 45 minutes for both sides. Like some others, I also used a few more extra feet of hose, so you might consider some extra just to have 'in case'.

    Once filled, our swim platform is now 4 inches under water, whereas before it was out of the water. The wake is night and day difference for both surfing and wakeboarding !!! WakeMakers nailed this.
  • 7/11/2014
    What a breeze!
    Michael Installed on a 2007 X30 and it took less than 10 minutes to drop in and adjust all the fittings. Did need to use a heat gun to apply a splice to the overflow line. Other than that it was awesome. Made a ton of difference in my surf wake compared to the 455lb bag that was installed by the previous owner.
  • 6/18/2014
    AWESOME Wake!
    Mike The install took about one and half hours to complete for both rear piggyback kits. Very simple, especially coming from a not so handy man. I had a hard time getting the valves loose from my hard tank so I could put in the new ones from wake makers. Otherwise very simple and great set up. Our wake is awesome, THANKS Wakemakers for the easy kit and install!!!
  • 5/12/2014
    Ecellent Service!
    Andrew I just got back from my Honeymoon and the boat comes out of storage today! Haven't used the ballast yet but the customer service and quick shipping was by far the best I've seen in a long time (and I order online a lot). I will be a repeat customer!
  • 7/29/2013
    With exactly all the parts you need, it made for an Easy Install!!
    Robert We added 750lb piggyback sacs to each rear locker on a 2013 X-30. The install took around 20 minutes per side. Tremendous difference on the surf wake.
  • 1/14/2013
    Create Amazing Wakesurf Waves Behind Your 2009 MasterCraft X-45
    MCSeattle WOW,
    I bought this kit for my MC X45 for surfing and all I can say is that i am impressed. The install was very easy. It only took me about 20 minutes per side. I went with the Fly High Jumbo Surf Sacs (1100lbs.) to get the most out of my lockers. We had more height in the locker and wanted the sacs to fill to the top. In hindsight the Fly High Fat Sacs (750lbs.) would fit better but you can't go wrong with the bigger bags.

    We just installed the rear sacs first and quickly realized we needed the front sacs too. Once the front sacs were installed it brought the bow down and created a nice long surf wake.
  • 9/20/2011
    Great product
    GKM Just installed the piggyback system in the rear storage locker for my 2006 X45. It is now throwing off a huge wake that even a novice can surf without a rope.
  • 5/22/2011
    Easy and Straight Forward
    Matt Did this upgrade on my 08 X-45. Agree with previous review that you need additional tubing for overflow. However, plenty is provided with kit so no need to purchase more.

    Very straight forward instructions. Takes about 30 minutes. Used a dryer to heat tubing up to get fittings into tube.

    Reprogrammed the pumps and the sacs fill/empty with ease now! Great Upgrade!
  • 4/14/2011
    Easy, good advice from WakeMakers
    MC Matt I have a 2009 Mastercraft X-30 and installed the Fat sac piggyback gear on my boat. Everything was pretty straightforward, I did seem to need about another 6 inchs of tubing for the overflow but I think that is because I have a custom cage in the back lockers.

    I had questions about doing this to my( BABY) but one quick call and everything was answered. These guys know what there talking about. No more throwing the tsunami pump over the side for me.
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