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Straight Line Launch Pad Sumo Pump  

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  • Launch Pad Sumo Ballast Pump
  • Straight Line Sumo Pump connects easily to the LINK port for draining.

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Straight Line Launch Pad Sumo Pump

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An ideal match for Straight Line Big Bag ballast bags, the Sumo Pump is the perfect combination of speed and value.

Filll and drain your Straight Line Sumo, Big Bag and Launch Pad wakeboard ballast bags at dizzying speeds with the Launch Pad Sumo wakeboard ballast pump. Rated at 1,100GPH, you'll be filling your bags at almost 150 pounds per minute! Even Launch Pad's 900 pound Sumo V Surf Sac won't stand a chance.

The Sumo pump features molded in LINK connections, which make attaching the pump a breeze, and ensure you won't spill any water in the boat thanks to the integral check valve system.

If you want to fill Launch Pad LINK equipped ballast bags as quickly as possible, look no further than the Sumo wakeboard ballast pump.

The Sumo Pump also includes adapters for use with standard ballast bags featuring the traditional waterbed adapter. That makes it a great option if you have older ballast bags that you need to fill and drain.

NOTE: Due to the proprietary fittings used on this ballast pump it should only be used to fill and drain Launch Pad and Sumo brand wakeboard ballast bags equipped with LINK fittings.

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1 Year
Pump Capacity: 1100 GPH
Fill Rate: 153 lbs/minute
Pump Capacity: 1,100GPH
Bag Fill Rate: 150 lbs/minute
Hose size: 1-1/8"
Hose Length: 9'
Power Source: cigarette lighter
Power Cord Length: 12ft.
Manufacturer's #: 2109003

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Customer Reviews

  1. Good for the money buuuuuuuuuuut........

    Review by Nick on 8/5/14

    If you like to surf with different riding styles (Goofy/Standard) then filling and draining isnt as easy as pushing a button! Especially when you have to fill the line with water before hooking up the pump to the bag to empty. Maybe I should buy two bags.

  2. priming issues to drain

    Review by michael on 6/27/14

    pump is hard to get prime to drain bags have to put drain hose lower than pump to get it to start pumping and then throw hose over the side end up with a bunch of water in locker. pump is fast to fill but pita to get it to drain

    WakeMakers Reply: We have also seen this issue but have found that plugging in the power after the pump is connected to the bag will solve your issue. Check out this video of how to operate the Straight Line ballast pump from Tim @ Liquid Force Wakeboards - <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxKRXFTU-fY">Straight Line Sumo Ballast Video</a>

  3. very quick pump

    Review by Wes on 6/14/13

    This is a great pump to go with the sumo 750 sac. It fills and drains in no time and the cord and hose length give you alot of wiggle room. I am now in the process of buying a fat sac 1100 pounder to go with my 750 sumo. but i am also going to get the fly high tsunami pump so i will be able to fill both bags at the same time. I love the sumo pump and can only hope that the tsunami pump will be just as good.

  4. Great value for the price but some issues

    Review by Tom on 2/19/12

    This is a great pump for the price. Fills and drains fast! Two problems I had with it is the hose quickly developed cracks in it and I can't find where to get just a replacement hose, and the pump is sometimes hard to prime to get started. Outside of that great pump.

  5. Fast and Convenient

    Review by Tyler on 10/23/11

    I used this pump in combination with the Launch Pad line of ballast bags in my boat I sacked out last season. The pump is quick at 1,300 gallons per hour, one of the quickest I have ever seen. It filled and emptied any additional ballast in just a few minutes, never delaying a surf of board session. The pumps connection system was quick and convenient with very little leakage when connecting/disconnecting the pump from the various bags. As far as the price goes it is the speediest pump for the price for the non-integrated part of your ballast system. The only negative side to this pump is the opportunity to use it later down the road when you decide to move towards an integrated ballast system. The pump does not have threaded connections or any convenient and reliable method to permanently plumb it into a system later down the road if the opportunity arises.

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