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Johnson Ultra Ballast Reversible Pump  

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Johnson Ultra Ballast Reversible Pump

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Johnson Pumps, a leader in the marine pump industry, designed the Ultra Ballast Pump with one singular goal in mind: to create the best reversible wakeboard ballast pump on the market. The WakeMAKERS Johnson Pumps feature the NEW orange impeller which delivers faster fill/drain times and it's more reliable than the previous models. A built in run dry system gives you all the extra insurance you need if you ever forget to turn your pump off. Physical Dimensions: 3.54" H x 4.72" W x 7.95" L Self-priming: Yes Safety Features: Ignition Protected Warranty: 1 years But what does "the best" mean? For Johnson, it encompasses these key ideas:
  • Durability: The pump has to last, plain and simple. Built with ball bearings, a solid bronze pump head, and built-in thermal protection.
  • Speed: The Ultra Ballast Pump out performs all other reversible pumps on the market when it comes to speed, filling and draining at over 720GPH.
  • Flexibility: The compact size of the Johnson Ultra Ballast pump opens a world of possibilities for system design and integration, without using valuable storage space.
Based on our experience with the Ultra Ballast, Johnson has certainly succeeded. Whether for use in a new automated ballast system installation, or to upgrade the pumps in an existing system for faster fill and drain times, the Ultra Ballast Pump delivers. The same connections as Jabsco's Ballast Puppy makes the Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump a direct replacement in late model Centurion, Mastercraft, Moomba, Nautique and Supra wakeboard boats.

Connect hose directly to the Johnson Ultra Ballast PumpVersatile, High Volume Connection Options The unique design of the pump head features integrated hose barbs for use with 1" hose, just slide the hose over the bronze inlet and outlet ports and secure with hose clamps. Additionally, 1/2" NPT female connections are provided for use with smaller hose (use with optional 1/2" thread to 3/4" hose barb adapter to convert to the more common 3/4" hose size), giving you a multitude of connection options. For the fastest system we recommend using 1" hose.

NOTE: The direct replacement ballast impeller for the Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump is the Green Jabsco Ballast Puppy Impeller (Part# 6303-0107). Johnson has confirmed that the green impeller is compatible.
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2 Years
Pump Capacity: 720 GPH
Fill Rate: 100 lbs/minute
Physical Dimensions: 3.54" H x 4.72" W x 7.95" L
Self-priming: Yes
Safety Features: Ignition Protected
Warranty: 1 years

Model #: 10-24690-03EZ

What's Included

Johnson Ultra Owner's Manual
(1) Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump

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Customer Reviews

  1. Great product.

    Review by Beastmaster on 12/19/13

    The pump is as exactly as described. Why buy anywhere else, competitive shipping and agreat price. I had ordered two pumps, and they were packaged very securely.

  2. Great Pump

    Review by Nikolas on 11/27/13

    I picked a couple of these up to ballast my boat. They aren't as fast as the aerator but the prime so easily! I run them on my 2012 MB F21 Tomcat

  3. Great Pump at Great Price :)

    Review by Dan on 10/28/12

    Sick Pump!! Very easy to Install, nice and fast and still working 6 months after I installed it. Its very quiet compared to my Bilge pumps. I have two of these in my 1982 Bayliner Force 1650 and plan on buying anouther in a couple weeks

  4. These pumps rock

    Review by Liquidrider on 4/29/12

    After trying a different set up in my 2009 Wakesetter LSV I decided to go with the Johnson pumps in my new LSV. I tried them out last night and love them. Two buddies were with me and both of them will be adding these pumps soon. There so fast and easy to use. Using the check valve helps drain the bags pancake thin. Completely satisfied and would recommend these to anyone.

  5. Great pump, will buy another

    Review by Tallredrider on 4/11/12

    I was worried about the extra noise and power draw of an impeller style pump compared to the aerators that were currently used in my boat. But after using this bad boy, all of my concerns were washed out the door. This pump is fast. It makes a roaring noise when it first starts up, but then quiets to just loud enough that you know it is running.

    I couldn't be more pleased. Now I am considering running my existing ballast off of these pumps, even though there is nothing wrong with the current setup, except that I think this pump will be faster.

    Thanks, Wakemakers!

  6. Started with 1, now have 4, looking at 5

    Review by Slurpee on 7/25/11

    I bought one to play with replacing my Rule1100s in my ballast system. It's a self-installed system in an '01 Malibu. I'm floored at how well they work, but ecstatic at how much simpler they make the install. I've since replaced 8 pumps for four bags with 3 more of these. I'm trying to figure out a way to get a 5th plumbed in to be flexible for filling surf bags anywhere in the cabin. Anyways, GONE are the doubled up wires for separate fill and drain pumps. GONE are the extra hose runs for draining. GONE are the vent loops, check valves, and cable holders to keep everything in place. I had used 12V solenoid valves to handle flow control, auto-filling, auto-draining, and overflow. Worked great for 2 years and then they started to disintegrate if they were low in the loop and always in the presence of water. These impellar based pumps are the perfect answer. Now it all works!!! It's clean!!! And it's oh so fast to fill and drain. Draining especially is awesome because it sucks those bags vacuum dry!

  7. Good Value - Great Volume

    Review by Scott on 4/7/11

    Last year (2010) I installed an impeller based ballast system in my 99 Air Nautique using 3 of the Johnson pumps from Wakemakers. The pumps were relatively easy to install, once I figured out how and where I was going to mount them (with the help of Matt H. who embarked on the same project at the same time). These pumps are heavy (built like a tank, and I mean a Tiger II, not a crappy Sherman). Each pump comes with 8 spacer/grommets that help with mounting and vibration.

    I used 10 gauge wire to wire these pumps to the switches I also bought from wakemakers. The directions to the pumps will tell you what gauge you need based on total distance of the wiring (be sure to measure the full round trip, not just 1-way). The pumps come with a reasonable amount of wire off the bat, which comes in handy if your wire order is a bit short.

    The pumps are fully reversible (with correct wiring) and also can be switched manually at the impeller head if you end up wiring backwards. Of course, just flipping the switch upside down and then flipping the labeled cover on the switch is probably easier.

    Since installing the pumps, I have had zero problems with them (other than a bad crimp/loose wire on my first test run, but that had nothing to do with the pumps). I even ran one dry (by accident) for about 3-4 minutes on my first day. No damage and still works fine. The pumps are loud with the hatch cover up, but not bad with the cover down. In fact, I wish they were louder, because if you are under way, they are hard to hear the audible change in pitch when the bags are totally empty (when emptying), which is the signal to shut off the pumps.

    I timed the fill times, and with these pumps, I could fill 2 x 400 lb V-drive sacs in 3:30 seconds. Empty time is about the same. Fill/empty time for my integrated bow and locker sacs set to about 500 lbs was around 5:30 seconds.

    Do I have anything bad to say about these pumps? They are somewhat big, and they are heavy, which is somewhat of a negative, but considering that those two things probably are the result of the great build quality, I can live with it.

    Last I checked, these came with a 3-year mfg. warranty, which I believe is 2 years longer than the Jabscos.

    Bottom-line... would I buy these again? Unequivocally, yes. In fact I just did. Price was even better this time due to the sale. I just bought a new boat and bought 3 more of these for installation this Spring in my 2000 SAN.

    You can see a picture of the installed pumps in my 99 boat posted here at Wakemakers, along with a picture of my switches under that item.

  8. Excellent Pump, Best Value on a High Efficiency Reversible

    Review by Torsten on 3/27/11

    This pump is built solid, the Price from WakeMAKERS was unbeatable for the capacity. 720 GPH fills a 750 Fly Hi sac in just about 7.5 minutes compared to the Jabsco 640 GPH. Bleed-off valves are convenient for releiving pressure in the lines. The 1" ports fit perfectly on 1" Ballast hose. Solid engineering, Best value for the speed.

    As always, WakeMAKERS customer service is second to none. They are helpful building the perfect ballast system or adding to your current system. Thanks guys!

  9. Best Price & Quality

    Review by tnautique on 9/11/10

    I purchased two of the Johnson Pump & installed by myself . I compared the Spec of two different pump, the Jabsco & the Johnson, I found the Johnson pump had a higher flow rate ( 745 G per Hour ) versus the Jabsco pump had the slower flow rate ( 640 G per Hour ) . Although, the Jabsco pump came out with the new premium green impreller which cost $39.95 more in order to increase the quality of the pump & flow rate but I don't get the new specification of flow rate after the upgrade with new impreller and I talked to the people at Wake maker, they only told me the Jabsco is better pump compare to Johnson pump but there is a different in price now .....

  10. Great Pump

    Review by TexasAg01 on 6/4/10

    I picked this pump up shortly after WakeMakers started offering it and have been pleasantly suprised. I had planned on putting two ballast puppies (Jabsco) in my Air Nautique to service the bags in my rear compartments. After talking with the guys at WakeMakers, they suggested going with these due to Johnson's good reputation in regards to pumps and also the higher gallon per hour that these things will do. I was impressed at how easily they were to install and how well they've worked. I've had the boat out 10+ times so far and they've worked perfectly.

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