Build Your Own Complete Impeller Pump Ballast System

Build Your Own Complete Impeller Pump Ballast System
  • Build Your Own Complete Impeller Pump Ballast System
  • Build Your Own Complete Impeller Pump Ballast System
  • Build Your Own Complete Impeller Pump Ballast System
  • Build Your Own Complete Impeller Pump Ballast System
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We take all of the work out of designing the perfect ballast system that is guaranteed to be compatible.


This ballast system builder package is the result of helping thousands of customers build the perfect system for their application. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for anyone to simply choose the pump, system design, and accessories that works best for their application. Because this tool is intelligent, it will only let you select products that are compatible with one another. That means you get a system that works perfect the first time, and without becoming an expert on ballast system design and installation. The simplicity of a reversible flexible impeller ballast pump system is what makes it so appealing as both a factory option and an aftermarket upgrade. Being able to fill and drain using a single port at the bottom of a ballast bag results in a simple system. The reversible impeller pump is self-priming, which means it does not need to be mounted below the water line as it will actively pull water into the system from the thru-hull inlet fitting in the bottom of the boat.

Ballast bags are not included, but we take care of everything else. Shop our wakeboard ballast bag selection »

A Complete Ballast System Solution

This Premium Impeller Pump System is our flagship product, which means it's a complete solution. You supply the tools, your choice of ballast bag (shop our wakeboard ballast bag selection) and we'll take care of including everything else. We do offer a handful of tools that will make the installation process easier, refer to the Recommended Accessories section for more information. Thanks to the reversible pumps available with this system, and the ability to choose from either Straight Line or Fly High fittings, this system is compatible with virtually any ballast bag made in the last few years. All you need is a bag with at least one port on the bottom and one port on the top. If you need assistance selecting the correct ballast bag for your application, please contact a ballast expert.

DIY Friendly Installation

Whether you enjoy projects, or just don't have a dealer or marine service center in your area, this kit is designed to be DIY friendly. We even offer options that eliminate drilling any holes below the waterline, making the installation process that much easier and less intimidating. We also include a complete set of installation instructions to guide you through each step of the process. Between the detailed guide and our exclusive lifetime technical support, this really is an easy upgrade that any DIYer can accomplish on a Saturday in the garage. Of course if you would prefer to have your local boat dealer or marine mechanic complete the installation, we're happy to support them with the process and answer any questions they might have. To begin building your individual premium ballast system, refer to the information below when making selections from the menu above.

Pump Choice
Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump with Orange Impeller (New)Johnson Ultra Ballast This pump was designed specifically to combine speed with performance and reliability. Offering 13GPM of pumping capacity, if fill times are a concern, this is the pump to use.
Thru-hull Intake Choices
1" Bronze Mushroom Our high quality bronze hardware is the preferred method for feeding your new ballast system, as it ensures there will be plenty of water available, and will last the life of the boat.Existing 3/4" Drain Plug If you currently have an unused drain plug in your bilge compartment, this is a great option for adding a dedicated pump, without drilling any new holes in the boat.
Drain Location
Below Waterline The standard configuration for most modern ballast systems, this setup is simple, efficient and easy to install, making it a popular choice.Above Waterline Draining from a thru-hull on the side of the boat gives visual and audible indications that the system is done draining, so you can turn the pump off. Only available with 1" thru-hull fitting options.
Thru-hull Choices
3/4 inch black thru-hull fittingBlack Available in 3/4" and 1-1/8" sizes.90 Degree Thru Hull Fitting - Composite/StainlessComposite & Stainless Available in 3/4" and 1" 90° sizes.Thru Hull Fitting - Stainless Steel Stainless Available in 3/4", 1" and 1-1/8" sizes.
Bag Choices
Fly High Pro X Select this option if you will be using a Fly High Pro X Series ballast bag. Uses the Flow-Rite fitting system for water-tight hassle free connections.Straight Line Select this option if you will be using Straight Line's newer Sumo or Big Bag ballast bags equipped with 1" NPT ports. Uses the Flow-Rite fitting system for water-tight hassle free connections.
Wiring Choices
Complete Wiring Included Our goal is to offer a complete system that includes everything you need for installation. Because of that, we include a full wiring harness with every system. That ensures you'll have everything you need to complete your install, with no additional trips to pick-up parts you needed that weren't included.

NOTE: For installation of the switch and related electrical components a crimping tool will be required. We offer our electrical connection crimping tool, which is available in the recommended accessories section.

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  • 2/12/2013
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    Quick response to y questions which was great appreciated and very helpful.

    I am looking forward to making the purchases and installing everything.