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Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump

Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump

  • Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump
  • Plugging in Elevate Ballast Pump Cigarette Adapter
  • Attaching Elevate Pump to Fly High Ballast Bag
  • Non-Kinking Hose
  • Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump Hose
  • Faster Tsunami Pump for filling Fly High Ballast Bags

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Plain and simple, this is the best portable wakeboard ballast pump for filling and draining Fly High ballast bags.


The Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump is designed to fill Fly High Fat Sacs faster with a hose that will not kink. The true 1-1/8" hose is reinforced to eliminate kinking when hanging over the side of the boat. Anyone that's used a Fly High Tsunami Pump can attest to the way their clear hose collapses during use especially when it is hot outside. As the diameter of the hose is restricted the flow of water is slowed and it takes more time to fill and drain ballast bags. Elevate has fixed this issue, which means you get the true rated capacity of the pump.

Elevate designed the pump to be compatible with the Fly High Quick Connect Fitting system that come standard on most Pro X Series Ballast Bags and Fat Sacs. The pump has a new and improved design and it is comparable in price to the Fly High Tsunami Pump. Time is money, and the Elevate Tsunami Pump will help you spend more time behind the boat wakesurfing and wakeboarding and less time trying to un-kink your hose.

Hose Length: 10 feet

Wire Length: 12 feet

How it Works
The Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump is durable, dependable, and fast with a 1-1/8" non-kink hose. To fill your Fly High Ballast Bags, simply connect the hose to the Quick Twist Adapter on the bag you need to fill. Drop the pump end into the water, and plug the cigarette lighter adapter into the 12v accessory plug (usually by the drivers seat).

To drain your ballast bags, reverse the connection of the pump and secure the pump body directly to the bag. Place the end of the hose over the side of your boat and plug the adapter once you are ready to begin draining. 


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  • 1/1/2015
    2003 wakesetter
    Nicholas Abela I bought 2 of these and they look much better than I expected. The tubes are large and reinforced. Looks like they will hold up well. The staff at wakemakers were great to work with. Everything came packaged well and no damage to anything.
  • 12/19/2014
    Works Great, Never Kinks
    Joseph LoCascio Flows like a son of a gun and never have to worry out the hose kinking when you toss it over the side. Loving it.
  • 10/28/2014
    Love it
    Scotty It's my first real ballast pump, but I read all the reviews and decided to go with the better hose. We just had a utility pump that we were plugging into an inverter. Worked fine to fill, but didn't drain them and annoying with all the connections. The water pours out of this pump thick and fast. Fills up our sacs super quickly and drains them as well. Don't forget to get at least one of the adapters if you don't have the Fly High sacs. I think the Fly High Perfect Union Quick Twist Adapter W735 will work with pretty much any bag. Forgot to order it with the pump so wasn't able to use it the first time out, and had to pay for the shipping b/c it didn't hit the $99. Love this thing though!
  • 9/19/2014
    Love the no kink hose.
    Ken Love the no kink hose, Pump is fast an works without a problem, I wish my others had the no kink hose.

  • 8/29/2014
    Good pump
    Rob Easy to use; good speed.
  • 8/28/2014
    Great pump
    CARLOS It is a nice fast pump. Good for you to finally extended the length of the hose. I use it on a Nautique 230 the length is perfect now.
    I recommend it definitively.
  • 8/18/2014
    Ken This pump cut my fill time down from 30 to 8 minutes. That buys me more time behind the boat.
    I highly recommend it.
  • 7/28/2014
    2nd time to purchase
    CALEB This is the best auxilary pump I have ever had. I lost the last one over the side of the boat. looked at making my own to replace it as i had the hose, hose clamps and some of the connectors already. In the end it works out to be just about as cheap to buy a new kit.
  • 7/14/2014
    Don't think twice...
    Mike 100% satisfied. Easy to order, fast to deliver, and the product worked flawlessly. It filled and emptied 800 lbs bags in minutes.
  • 7/13/2014
    Gets the job done
    Derrick Works great with fly high sacs and the hose is definitely better quality. Works good with fly high's fittings, but I do wish they had a more positive lock so I could leave it unattended while filling.
  • 7/11/2014
    Great pump setup
    Tim Great pump fast filling my 750 lbs sac with no hose kinks.
  • 6/30/2014
    great pump fast and easy
    Ryan The pump is very fast and easy to use, I replaced my old bags with a 900 lb fat sac and then bought the pump to fill my old bags and move them around the boat for a bigger wave. The hose doesn't kink and the cord is long enough to fill the bags anywhere on the boat. The only problem is you have to buy the plug adapter for the old bags and use a hair dryer to get the factory bag fittings off but it their videos show you how to do it. I recommend the pump and I never take the time to write a review so that says how well the pump and sac are.
  • 6/16/2014
    Not easy to re-create
    JASON I bought a Tsunami 800 pump a while ago for something similar. I had to then connect the wiring and come up with a way to get it to work. (ie, alligator clips to the battery). Needless to say, this being done as a kit is awesome and looking forward to it being one solid kit instead of piece milled and jerry-rigged.
  • 5/27/2014
    If you need a pump, this is the one to buy!
    Mike I bought this pump to fill my 2 Fly High Pro X Series Fat Sacs (750) and the fittings worked perfectly with the sacs. The hose and power cord are plenty long to reach into the water and attach to the sacs anywhere in my boat. The other great thing about the hose is that it really will NOT kink! The pump fills and drains quickly.
  • 5/21/2014
    Good pump but leaks easily
    Phillip This is a good pump and works well but the fitting started leaking after only 1 season. I used teflon tape and that fixed it
  • 5/20/2014
    Fantastic Pump
    Roller This Pump is fast and the kink free hose completes the package. Great Value!
  • 8/15/2013
    A small hiccup but now I'm a believer
    Terry S. I purchased the Elevate pump to fill a Fly High #400 V Drive Surf Sack. Initially the pump was inoperable. After a short discussion with Spencer at WakeMAKERS he determined that the fuse was the problem. After replacing the fuse the pump and no-kink hose work like a charm. I'm really impressed with the pump's gph rating and how fast it fills the #400 surf sack. Less time filling more time surfing. The no-kink hose is also a big advantage.
  • 6/2/2013
    Great pump with no kink hose
    Todd I purchased the pump to assist filling an Enzo sac and to fill a couple Fly High sacs... works great. Fill time is short with the speed of the pump, and the no kink hose is a great feature! Price is right as well...
  • 12/5/2012
    Better than the Fly High Tsunami
    Recneps I am happy with this pump. My Fly high Tsunami pump always had a kinked hose. The elevate pump hose does not kink and it run a lot faster. Funny how a wide open hose helps the water move. I will be replacing my Fly High pump very soon and will be using two of the turbos.
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