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Axis Plug and Play Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade (2009-2012)

Axis Wake Rear Plug and Play upgrade ties auxiliary ballast in with your factory ballast system

  • Axis Wake Rear Plug and Play upgrade ties auxiliary ballast in with your factory ballast system
  • Our complete Axis Wake Research Plug and Play Factory Ballast Upgrade includes everything you need for installation and is a perfect fit.

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The easiest way to quickly and affordably add additional ballast capacity to your 2009-2012 Axis wakeboard boat.


Axis owners that demand the best performance can add more ballast to the rear compartments for wakeboarding or surfing. Not all boats came with the factory plug and play option installed. It doesn't matter because we have you covered either way. The factory option was not complete and didn't get the job done. Our exclusive WakeMAKERS.com Axis ballast plug and play upgrade allows you to add an additional fully automated ballast bag to the factory system. This Axis rear ballast bag and integration kit is designed to integrate with your factory ballast system, and will be controlled using the switches on your dash. Everything remains completely automated and effortless to use. Just push the fill and drain buttons like before and watch your wake increase in size.

NOTE: Our factory upgrade systems are sold Individually so that you can upgrade just one side of the boat for surfing. If you want to upgrade both sides of your boat, you'll need to purchase two systems.

2009-2012 Axis Rear Plug-and-Play Bag Fitment Guide

Year/Model Recommended Wakeboard Bag Recommended Wakeboard/Wakesurf Bag
2011-2012 A20 Straight Line 750 WakeMAKERS 1100
2009-2012 A22 Straight Line 750 WakeMAKERS 1100

Be on the water soonerLess Time Waiting, More Time Riding No one wants to sit around filling and draining ballast bags all day, which is why our Plug and Play system integrates with the factory ballast system in your boat, so everything is completely automated. Actual times will depend on the bag size you select, but even the largest option we offer will completely fill or drain in less than 20 minutes, and all without you leaving the driver's seat. And because it works with your factory system, you can fill or drain whether the boat is stationary, or running at speed.

Quick Connect Fittings For Easy RemovalThink Quick For Easy Removal We include our exclusive Flow-Rite quick connect fitting system with every factory ballast upgrade we offer, so you can remove the bag in seconds whenever you want. Thanks to the unique, water-tight, two part connector it's easy to pull a bag out for cleaning, storage or winterization. And when you're ready to go ride just drop it back in place and re-attach the dedicated connections.


How It Works
Our Plug and Play compatible upgrade for Axis boats is designed to make use of the existing pumps, hoses and switches that came in your boat. It's perfectly compatible with both Plug N Play Equipped boats, as well as those Axis models that were not ordered with the auxiliary ballast system from the factory. The factory supplied under floor ballast system offers 250 pounds of capacity on each side of the boat. With our largest capacity bag, you'll have a total of 1,350 pounds of total ballast in each rear corner, allowing you to build a fantastic wake for surfing or wakeboarding.

This kit includes everything needed for the installation, including Ballast Bags and our preassembled adapters, which have quick connect fittings for the integration. As the name implies, this ballast system add-on is connected inline with the factory center ballast tank, allowing it to expand the capacity of the system that came in the boat. In the factory configuration when the in-floor hard tank is full, excess water is dumped overboard through the vent hose.

With our Plug-and-Play upgrade system installed, the fill hose is redirected into the top of the ballast bag. As it fills water is fed into the hard tank. Once the hard tank is completely full the water will continue to flow into the auxiliary ballast bag. Once the new bag is full (which means the factory tank is full), excess water will vent out the side of the boat. The system will function exactly the same as the stock ballast setup, but with the extra capacity of the auxiliary ballast bag. Draining is exactly the opposite; as water is removed from the system the bag will drain first, and then the factory hard tank. The only downside to our Axis Plug-and-Play system is the use of gravity to drain the water from the sac into the hardtank can be slower than having a dedicated pump for draining. For most customers though, that's a small price to pay for a affordable and easy to install ballast upgrade.

Installation requires a few simple and completely reversible changes be made to the plumbing of the stock ballast system in order to connect the Plug and Play kit. This one time process typically takes less than 45 minutes, and can be undone at any time. Once installed, you never need to hassle with ballast bags and pumps again, completely control of the system is performed with the factory switches on the dash. Forget about getting up to adjust valves that control the flow, or any manual involvement at all. Just activate the switch to add as much or as little ballast to the system as you want.

NOTE: 2013 and newer Axis boats are equipped with the Hi-Flo system, which requires a different integration kit. See our 2013+ Axis Wake Hi-Flo Plug and Play Upgrade for more information

This Piggyback system is designed to work with any 2009-2012 Axis Wake Research boat. For specific questions on fitment, and for possible compatibility with other models, please contact us.

ATTENTION: This factory ballast upgrade kit is sold individually. We sell systems individually so that customers can upgrade just one side of the boat for surfing if they would like. You will need to purchase two systems if you want additional ballast on both sides of the boat for wakeboarding or surfing regular and goofy. Contact us if you have any questions or need help determining the correct upgrade for your application.


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