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3M 4000 Marine Adhesive

3M 4000 Marine Adhesive

  • 3M 4000 Marine Adhesive

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3M 4000 Marine Adhesive creates a water-tight seal when installing thru-hull fittings below or above the water, creates a non-corrosive connection that is semi-permanent.


If you're installing thru-hull fittings for your new ballast system, or you need to seal the connection between two threaded fittings, 3M 4000 Marine Adhesive is the ideal product. Fast curing (dries completely in just 24 hours), non-corrosive (ideal for metal fitting connections) and white in color, 3M 4000 Marine Adhesive performs perfectly for years of dependable leak free use.

This is the same product used to install the thru-hull fittings and hardware at the factory when your boat was built, so do the job right when installing additional fittings for a ballast system.

One tube provides more than enough adhesive to install all of the thru-hull connectors in your boat, typically providing sealing for 18-20 fittings.

3M Marine Part # 051135-05280


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  • 1/5/2015
    Great sealant
    Donald Christman I was super scared to drill 3 holes in the bottom of my boat. I drilled and prepped holes. Applied sealant. After finishing rest of ballast system over a couple of days, we put boat into water. Was nervous. No leaks weate so ever. This stuff is awesome. It is super sealant.
  • 7/1/2014
    05 Sunscape
    Jarred It was scary drilling 3 holes in my boat, I was never going to risk using some lower quality cheap glue. All went well and no leaks. I do advise watching on line videos for some hints and tips. Use what the experts sell and recomend, can't go wrong.
  • 7/9/2013
    Great Stuff If You Need UV Protection
    Wade If it's going to be exposed to UV rays, then this is the stuff for you (or in black). However, if not exposed to UV, and looking for permanent adhesion, then go with the 3M 5200. The tensile strength of the 5200 is even greater than that of the 4000UV. Keep in mind, if not using the fast cure version, full strength isn't reached for approx 7 days. I've used 5200 on thru-hulls and countless other items and 400UV on RV roof tops. This is the stuff you want. Again, if a permanent bond is desired (and not exposed to UV), then 5200 is the call. If you do not want a permanent bond and/or it's exposed to UV, the then 4000UV fits the bill.
  • 12/21/2011
    3M 4000 Marine Adhesive Easy To Work With
    Spencer I have used the 3M 4000 and 4200 Marine Adhesive on boats for years. I use it above and below the water line. Works great to seal thru-hull fittings under the water line but I also have used it in a pinch to patch the hull of my boat. I scraped the under side of my hull on the trailer but didn't want to waste the entire weekend waiting for my local shop to open. I put the 3M 4000 where I have exposed the fiberglass stringer and used the boat the rest of the summer before I could get it in for repair. Awesome product and very easy to work with.
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