WakeMAKERS X-Link Quick Switch Ballast System

WakeMAKERS X-Link Quick Switch Ballast System


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WakeMAKERS exclusive patent pending X-Link Quick Switch Ballast system cuts the time it takes to switch sides for surfing by up to 50%. It is the same concept as Malibu's Surf Gate or the Nautique Surf System without the exterior hardware.


The WakeMAKERS X-Link Ballast System is the solution for all of us who aren't able to go out and purchase a brand new 2013 Malibu with Surfgate or a Correct Craft with the Nautique Surf System. By installing the X-Link system on your boat you are able to transfer water in your rear lockers from one rear ballast bag to the other in less than half the time. If you spend any time surfing behind your boat then you've experienced having to switch your ballast from side to side. Accommodating regular vs. goofy riders can be cumbersome when using a factory ballast system to fill and drain your bags.

The Elevate X-Link Ballast System is designed to utilize one drain port on each bag in your rear lockers. If you plan on installing the X-Link into an already existing ballast system, make sure that the bags located in your lockers each have an existing free drain port that the X-Link can connect to. If the ballast system you are installing is a new system with new ballast bags, make sure that each have an extra port in each that the X-Link system can connect to.

X-Link requires an available port at the bottom of the bag. View our selection of X-Link Compatible Ballast Bags»

What's Included for Installation:
The best part about the X-Link system is that there is no drilling through the hull required. Each X-Link complete kit comes with a Johnson Ultra ballast pump with all of the electrical wiring and connectors needed to install the custom switch. A 15 foot section of 1" hose with the appropriate fittings already installed in each end will make installation a snap. Simply run your hose, mount your pump and then cut your hose to connect each end to the pump inlets. Secure with the supplied hose clamps, connect your wiring, and install your switch to start using the system.

How it works:
When you are ready to switch riders, hit the custom X-Link switch to start moving water at 100 lbs. per minute. Once the bag on the desired side is close to full shut off the X-Link and allow the factory system to fill the remainder. You have just switched riders in half the time it usually takes.

We have seen a lot of 2008 to 2011 Malibu LSV 23 owners use the X-Link to get a similar result to what they would achieve with a 2013 Malibu equipped with the SurfGate system. If a customer uses the Malibu Piggy Back Kit with the Straight Line 750 lb. bags they will see fill times of 10 to 13 minutes and drain times of 15 to 18 minutes. If the port side factory ballast and 750lb. auxiliary bag are full switching riders could take from 15 to 18 minutes to complete. We simply hit fill on the starboard factory ballast, drain on the port factory ballast and port to starboard on the X-Link. In under 5 minutes the transfer from port to starboard will be completed as the X-Link pump can move 100 lbs. of water a minute.

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  • 1/5/2015
    Great addition
    Donald Christman

    We are running 1100's in each rear locker. We can switch from goofy to regular in 5 min and 6 sec. It is awesome coming form over the side pumps. You can also drain a single bag super fast using this. For instance. If draining port only, Drain port with regular pump, X link to starboard then use starboard pump to drain that side. Super quick.

  • 7/26/2014
    Cut my transfer time in half. Now I will let my goofy friends ride a little more

    Cut my transfer time in half. Now I will let my goofy friends ride a little more