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As soon as we got our hands on all the 2021 gear this past fall, we hooked up our boat and headed to the lake for some product testing. We spent three days surfing over 40 different boards behind the endless swell.

As your trusted water sports experts, we make it a priority to get out on the water, ride all the product, and make sure it's WakeMAKERS approved. After riding everything, taking lots of notes, and discussing our favorites, we made this guide to help you find the perfect 2021 wakesurf boards for your summer days on the lake.

Below you will find our top wakesurf picks for 2021 and everything you need for maximum fun on the water this Summer.

Surf Style Boards - Air out and carve all over the wave.

Surf style boards are the most common type of wakesurf board. Often these boards are shaped like ones you’d see at the beach but shrunken down to surf a boat’s wake. These boards are great at catching the wave and generate speed with ease. Beginner riders will find this style of board the easiest to learn and progress on while advanced riders enjoy the ability to generate speed and their maneuverability for turns, slashes, and airs. WakeMAKERS has nearly 70 surf style wakesurf boards for you to choose from. Our team has ridden them all and selected a handful that we are stoked on and think you will be too.

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Skim Style Boards - Spin to win on these 360 approved boards.

Skim style boards are the more playful of the three board styles, making them ideal for spins and tricks. A skim style board is typically smaller than a surf style board, and they have smaller fins, creating a more slippery feel on the water than a surf style board. Designed for wakesurfers that are comfortable riding, skim style boards are great for getting tricky with airs, spins, and more. Below are our team’s favorite skim style wakesurf boards for this Summer.

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Hybrid Style Boards - For the rider that wants it all.

Just as the name implies, a hybrid style wakesurf board features a blend of surf and skim style characteristics. Coming in all shapes and sizes, hybrid style boards aim to give the rider the playfulness of a skim style board along with the speed, drive, and maneuverability of a surf style board. We rode them all, and there were several that stood out as our favorites, check them out below.

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Float above the water this summer.

The sensation of riding a foil is unlike anything else you've ridden behind the boat. If you haven't jumped on a foil yet, this Summer is the time to do it, and we have the hottest foil packages from all of the top brands.

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Safety First. Our Top Vests & Life Jackets.

A vest or life jacket is undoubtedly the most important piece of gear a wakesurfer has on the boat. Finding a vest that looks good and fits even better is goes a long ways in making your time on the water as enjoyable as possible. WakeMAKERS has over 70 vests and life jackets for you to choose from but we’ve chosen a special few that we believe stand out from the crowd thanks to their good looks, premium fit, and optimal comfort level.

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There's no replacement for displacement.

For nearly a decade WakeMAKERS has been the industry leader in ballast and the go-to source for all your ballast needs. From ballast bags, ballast pumps, and ballast parts to complete ballast systems, we have everything you need for an improved wake. WakeMAKERS has our own line of exclusive ballast products as well as all the other top ballast products from Fly High FATSAC, Eight.3, Straight Line, Jabsco, Johnson, Flow-Rite, and more. We are your one-stop online shop for everything wakeboard ballast.

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WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrades are now available with our industry-leading line of FIT Series ballast bags. UniversalFIT, CustomFIT, and ExactFIT ballast bags ensure a premium fit for your particular boat model.

Stock ballast is never enough. To unlock the full potential of your boat’s wake and get better results, you need to add more ballast. The easiest way to do that is with a WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrade. Our exclusive line of WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrades is the most effective way to add additional ballast to your boat and build a better wake.

Tired of listing your boat? Try these wakesurf device options instead.

Instantly improve your boat’s surf wave for a more enjoyable wakesurf experience with one of our aftermarket surf devices. Combined with the ballast in your boat, these wakesurf devices help clean up the wave's shape and increase overall performance. If you use your boat for wakesurfing, one of these devices is an absolute MUST.

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