WAKEFOIL Foil Board Complete Package

2017 WAKEFOIL Complete Package


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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer WAKEFOIL - view brand page
Item # P7513


Riding foils is all the rage this Summer. Hop on a WAKEFOIL, elevate your riding, and experience the indescribable sensation of floating high above the water.


The WAKEFOIL Board is designed to bring a whole new element of fun to your days on the water. No matter the rider, the boat, the water conditions, the WAKEFOIL is guaranteed fun every day on the water. This board suits riders of all ages, sizes and riding styles. Its aerodynamic design was built to take flight and soar you high above the water for a buttery smooth ride!

WAKEFOIL Complete Package: What’s Included

  • -WakeFOIL 139cm Board
  • -WAKEFOIL 24” Mast
  • -Front Wing
  • -Rear Wing
  • -Fuselage
  • -Wing Covers
  • -Hardware Kit
  • -Hex Tool
Mike Murphy WAKEFOIL

What People Are Saying

"I've been making and riding hydrofoils for over 50 years and this is the most fun on a foil I've ever had..."

- Mike Murphy (Godfather of the Foil)


139 cm Universal Size

The 139 cm WAKEFOIL Board is the perfect size to allow everyone on the boat to try foil riding this Summer! The wood core gives the board added durability, increased strength, and a softer flex.The sleek, low profile design enhances the aerodynamics of the board, allowing it to slice through the air with ease.

WAKEFOIL Complete Foil Set

Directional Rocker Design

The directional rocker makes for easier starts by providing an upward flair on the rails and added volume in the nose, allowing the foil to engage smoothly. The spoon shaped nose design deters the board from pearling when returning to the water surface.


Awesome Add-On: WAKEFOIL Bindings

The binidings are a great accessory for beginner-intermediate riders or those that want maximum feel between the rider and the board. The open-toe bindings feature a secure cuff zone and an impact EVA sole that enhances overall comfort. An adjustable velcro strap makes it easy for each rider to get a custom fit. Available in a 5-8 and 8-12 size.

WAKEFOIL EVA Surf Traction Pad

Make It Surfable

The EVA Surf Traction Pad instantly transforms this foil board into the ultimate surfing machine! It is designed to fully cover the top deck of the board and provide the necessary grip to get barreled behind the boat all day long. Even better, the traction pad includes holes that align with the binding inserts so that you can decide to throw the bindings on at any point on top of the surf pad.

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