How To Improve the Size and Shape of Your Wake

Achieving the optimal wake from your boat, whether it's for wakeboarding or wakesurfing, can be a daunting task. You know you want easier wakesurfing, more pop on a wakeboard, but knowing the best way to accomplish that is far from simple.

Step 1: Figure Out Where You Need Weight

How you use your boat will dictate where in the boat to place additional weight.

Step 2: Contact One of Our Experts

Once you know where you need Send us an email that outlines your setup, and where you plan to place the weight in your boat. Contact us with the year, make and model of your boat, and the type of system you would like to install and one of our ballast experts will follow up with you to outline your options.

Step 3: We’ll send you an approved layout

You'll get back an approved layout for the type of system you're installing, along with a total price that we guarantee to be

Step 4: Enjoy your wake