Fly High Pro X Series Tube Sac (370 lbs)

Fly High Pro X Series Tube Sac (370 lbs)


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Size 62"L x 16"W x 10"H
Weight 370 lbs.
Ports N/A fill, 2 fill/vent - 1 drain
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Fly High - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # W704
Item # 11004


Thanks to its long and narrow shape, the Fly High Pro X Series Tube Sac is perfect for adding that extra bit of hidden ballast.


The Fly High Pro X Series Tube Sac is the perfect shape for ski locker found in the floor of most boat. It's longer and narrow profile also make it incredibly versatile for use in other areas of the boat, such as the bow walk-way, or in storage compartments and under seats. There's a reason this is one of our most popular bags; it's incredibly versatile, and will fit in a number of locations depending on where you need ballast.

Whether you need additional weight up front for wakeboarding or if you need additional ballast under seats in the midship for surfing, the Tube Sac is the perfect size to fit in most ski and wakeboard boats.

What Fittings Are Included With This Bag?
This Fly High Pro X Series wakeboard ballast bag includes the necessary fittings for filling and draining using a portable wakeboard ballast pump; you do not need to purchase anything else.

Optional fittings are available to make the filling and draining process more convenient, see recommended accessories for more information. This wakeboard ballast bag can also be used in an integrated ballast system which requires additional wakeboard ballast fittings. If you have any questions please contact us.

Fly High Pro X Series wakeboard ballast bags were the first products designed from the ground up to be used in a wakeboard boat. Starting with a blank canvas, Fly High was able to rethink nearly every aspect of wakeboard ballast bag constructions and functionality. Gone are the day of two part construction, leaky waterbed connections, and fittings that are difficult to connect. By building their wakeboard ballast bags from a single layer of durable yet flexible vinyl, the same material that is used to build white water rafts, Fly High is able to offer unmatched strength and durability in an easy to use package.

Additionally, Fly High Pro X Series ballast bags feature multiple threaded ports that are built into the construction of the bag. Unlike the blue waterbed connections use on other brands, these strong ports feature durable threads and can be used with Fly High’s options fittings for compatibility with nearly any wakeboard ballast system you can imagine. Step up to the Fly High Pro X Series wakeboard ballast bags and experience the most convenient, durable and highest performing ballast bags on the market.

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  • 7/27/2015
    Fits Perfectly
    Nathan Green

    Fits perfectly in my 03 malibu ski locker and replaced the beat up original. Excellent choice for this area in any boat

  • 7/25/2015
    Perfect Fit!
    Marc Saxton

    Put this tube sac under the observer seat in my 2011 23LSV to boost my surf wave. Couldn't be happier with the quality and fit!

  • 7/23/2015
    Excellent value and works great!
    Mark Hall

    Purchased to replace the sad excuse for ballast bag in the center ballast of our X-30... that actually burst!

    Not gonna worry about this one bursting! Made tough and to last!

    WakeMAKERS has it going on! This was our second order and there will be more to come!

  • 7/20/2015
    Perfect fit for direct drive
    Brian Ogilvie

    Bought this for my direct drive great! 370 lbs extra weight makes big difference for surfing. Fits perfectly under rear seat.

  • 7/10/2015
    Best "bang for your buck"!
    Kendall Hedges

    I purchased three of these for my 97 Mastercraft Prostar 190. They're the perfect size to add weight just where you need it!

  • 6/23/2015
    03' MC X-2
    Brandon Dimicelli

    Perfect replacement for canter locker ballast in my 03' MasterCraft X-2. I was able to use the existing ballast hoses from the original ballast bag that had cracked. Easy 10 min install using Flow Rite quick release connectors.

  • 4/13/2015
    Malibu Wakesetter VLX
    Patrick Enright

    Added this under the passenger side seats. Improved surf wake.

  • 9/19/2014
    210 Super air nautique

    This is an additional one that I bought and it works perfect. Wake makers did a great job at recommending the best set up for my boat. Thank you

  • 7/11/2014

    Great Bag.......

  • 7/11/2014

    Great Bag.......

  • 7/4/2013
    Perfect fit under the rear seats in Super Air Nautiques

    The Fly High Tube sac is a pefect fit under the rear seats in 07 and newer Super Air Nautiques. I put one on each side under the seats in my SAN 220. If you slide it all the way forward it will go about half way up the slope on the wedge tanks on the 220s. Because of this I would reccommend getting enough hose to put in the fittings in the front. If you put them in the back it will create an air pocket when the bag is about half empty and will not drain all the way, assuming you are plumming it into the factory ballast.

  • 11/20/2012
    Perfect fit in Yamaha AR210
    Sean Adams

    This ballast fit perfectly in the aft storage area made a huge difference when surfing behind my jet boat. Yes you can surf behind it without a rope!

    Thanks wakemakers!

  • 6/15/2012
    This missing link!

    I dropped this whopper under the back deck on my Team Air Nautique 216 and now the surf wave and wake rock. It was the missing link, I've used other sacks which take up more room and provide less weight. Great price and clean look.

  • 2/22/2012
    Perfect for center ski locker
    New 2 Texas

    Have this tucked under the floor inside the center ski locker of my 1996 Sunsetter LX. a nice easy way to add a couple hundred pounds of weight without breaking the budget. I am about to purchase some more equipment and automate the sack so i don't even need to open the hatch to fill and drain. awesome product and great price.

  • 1/12/2012
    Final sack to my built in system

    Been looking for a ski locker sack to finish my custom built in ballast set up in my 92 MC prostar 205. I have the rear seat bottom sack that i installed last summer from wake makers. Now i cant wait to install this tube sack in my ski locker so one flip of a switch and everything fills. Thanks for all the great help. I will post pictures on face book some time of my custom install i did.

  • 1/10/2012
    perfect fit for my ski locker

    I bought this to put in my ski locker, 1994 mastercraft maristar 225 vrs, I previously had 2 v drive sacs in back and 2 tube sacs under the front seat cushions, this sac fits perfect in the ski locker, I can still keep a ski in there when it is not full if I have to. Wake makers normal high quality and fast service is great and they are very helpful.

  • 7/14/2011
    perfect for ski locker

    This bag fits perfect in the ski locker of my 2000 Moomba Kamberra, still allowing 3-4 ski's to fit on top of it, even when full! Not the heaviest bag, but convenience plays a part in happiness too. VERY well built products. Plan on purchasing more real soon.

  • 7/11/2010
    Love the Red color

    I have a malibu with the darker red color. This bag is really close to matching the color of the boat. Even though you do not really see the bag all that often in the ski locker, however its better then boring old gray. It also fit perfect in my 05 malibu sunsetter lxi and helped shape the wake even more.

  • 6/7/2010
    Love it!

    I've had a cheaper fats sac and pump that I had bought off ebay the connection would leak and pop off and it wasn't long before the seals were busting and leaking around the fill spouts without even over filling, then I used my buddies Fly hi sac an Tsunami pump and felll in love with the ease of the connection and how quickly they filled and empty the material itself is just way thicker and more durable I guess you get wht you pay for as for my old sack it was picked up by the garbage man friday as for my two fly hi sacks they are currently makin my glastron a wake machine and am currently getting ready to purchase the cube to offset the drivers weight!

  • 1/27/2010
    Perfect for rear ski locker of Direct Drive

    Put this in the rear ski locker of my 87 SunSport DD and the surf wave is huge! Highly recommended over other brands, much higher quality and lots of fittings. Here are my pics: