Straight Line Big Bag 540 & Sumo Pump Package

Straight Line  Big Bag 540 & Sumo Pump Package


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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Straight Line - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 2129080
Item # 50016


Package Includes: Straight Line 540lb. Bag | Straight Line Sumo Pump | All Necessary Fittings


This Straight Line bag + pump combo package is a quick and easy addition to your boat for a better wake. An extra 540 lbs. of weight in the boat will help further displace the hull in the water, resulting in a bigger wake. This Straight Line Big Bag is a versatile size that allows you to place it in a rear compartment, under a seat, or just laying on the floor.

What's Included:
This package includes all fittings needed to use the Straight Line Sumo ballast pump in conjunction with the Straight Line Big Bag 540.

Ballast Bag Specs

Name: Straight Line Big Bag

Capacity: 540 lbs.

Size: 50"L x 20"W x 20"H

Estimated Fill/Drain Time: 5 min.

Ballast Pump Specs

Name: Straight Line Sumo Pump

Capacity: 1100 GPH

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  • 12/5/2012
    My son LOVES this.
    Tige' Dad

    Thank you Wake makers on the Straight line 540 package. I was new to this whole wake ballast thing and you made this simple. I didnt know what to buy and didnt want to buy parts that didn't fit together, but these packages make it simple and gave me peace of mind. My son was complaining our boat didnt have a "big enough wake" and hastled me to buy a new boat. But this is a better way to go for my wallet! Thanks again.