2017 Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard

2017 Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard
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Item # P5642


The first-ever longboard wakeboard, the Nomad’s increased surface area gives it added stability, the ability to ride at slower speeds, and a more casual feel on the water.


WARNING: this is not your average wakeboard

Three years ago Slingshot debuted the Nomad, a truly one of a kind wakeboard. The longboard wakeboard concept created an entirely new style of riding unlike anything we had seen before. The added surface area in the board does many things:

1. Increased stability

2. Ability to ride at slower speeds

3. A more casual, mellow feel on the water

The Nomad is the perfect wakeboard for those that take a more mellow, casual approach to their riding. Whether you are a beginner rider just learning or someone who has rode for years, this wakeboard is a refreshing change of pace that will leave you smiling from cheek to cheek.

Key Features

  • -Longboard Design
  • -Increased Surface Area Throughout Entire Board
  • -Full Wood Core
  • -Continuous Rocker
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  • 7/11/2017
    Great choice !!
    Jim Hendrix

    I purchased this for my son who is a big boy !! After trying several boards, this one was the one that changed it all !! He was up in no time and whizzing around!! These are the only ones that I have seen that make the larger sizes, worth every penny !!! and it looks cool!!