2016 Ronix One Time Bomb Core Wakeboard

2016 Ronix One Time Bomb Core Wakeboard

2016 Ronix One Time Bomb Core Wakeboard



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For the rider seeking the most aggressive pop off the wake, the Ronix One Time Bomb Core delivers.

For the past 10 years Danny Harf and Ronix have teamed up to create the One series of boards. This signature collection of boards has gone on to become the best-selling pro model series in the history of our sport. It's no wonder why there has been so much hype about this years release. Between the throwback graphic and addition of Speedwalls, it's pretty clear that his 2016 model is going to continue that best-selling tradition.

Enough of the history lesson. Let's dive into the technology that makes the One Time Bomb so special. To start things off, the Timebomb has the most explosive core in the Ronix line. It's designed to make every wake feel like a double up. This instant delivery of energy makes it pop faster and more abruptly than a standard 3-stage rocker board. Harf's latest bestseller takes this explosive snap and adds Speedwalls - having less resistance with the water means less strain on your body, longer boat or cable sessions with this increased top water speed.

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Manufacturer Ronix - view brand page
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