2016 Eight.3 Ronix Telescope CTN (400 lbs)

2016 Eight.3 Ronix Telescope CTN (400 lbs)


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Size 42"L x 14"-18"W x 16"H
Weight 400 lbs.
Ports 1 Quick Fill fill, 1 fill/vent - 2 drain
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Eight.3 - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 137200
Item # 11054


Eight.3 is the fastest ballast system on the market, adding 400 pounds of ballast in less than three minutes.


The Ronix Eight.3 Telescope CTN (400 lbs) V-Drive Sac is designed to fit in the rear compartment of any v-drive boat. This sac is also perfect for building a massive wakeboarding or wakesurfing wake behind a direct drive boat as it's size makes it the most versatile in the line. The width of the bag tapers from being the widest at the bottom to create a trapezoidal shape which Ronix coined, anti-roll technology. This means no more monitoring your bags. Just fill them and leave them. Ronix rethought and redesigned nearly every aspect of the wakeboard ballast bag. Constructed from a single layer of the same durable yet flexible material used to build white water rafts and Fly High Pro X series bags, the Ronix ballast bags offer unmatched strength and durability. All Ronix 8.3 ballast bags feature multiple sonic welded threaded ports built into the bags during construction.

How Eight.3 works

Using the new Ronix 3000 gph pump or Ronix 3700 gph pump is easy. Fill and drain your new Ronix Telescope bags in a fraction of the time that you are used to.


To fill simply connect the male fitting on the end of the hose to the quick fill port on the top of the bag. Don't worry about spilling any water as there is a built in check valve to eliminate spills even when the bag is over filled.


To drain the bag start by pulling the top cover away from the telescoping drain tube and pull it out of the bag. Once the tube is above the water line of the sac unzip the entry point and place the pump body into the bag. Zip the drain port around the hose to minimize the risk of water spilling out as the bag is drained.



By sourcing a new high strength vinyl material, Ronix now has the strongest ballast bag on the market. All seams and inserts are sonic welded to maintain the highest structural integrity. The telescoping drain port has a waterproof zipper similar to what is found on a dry suit.

Port Locations

There are three 1" Plug and Play ports on the new Eight.3 bags which will allow for system integration. One drain port on each end and one fill/vent port on the top of the bag. Riders looking to fill their bags three times faster will like the huge quick fill port on top right next to the telescoping drain hood.


Ronix has scrapped the traditional square or round shape for a new and improved trapezoid shape. This provides a base that stops the bag from wanting to roll when filling and draining. This feature alone will help boat owners that don't want to monitor their sacs more than they do their own children.

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  • 7/27/2016
    Quality Ballast Bag
    Gary Rollins

    Seems to be a very well-constructed bag and the Telescoping feature is great. The size of the bag makes it easy to place at different locations on your boat. I use the Ronix 3700 gph pump and it works great with the bag. Fills and empties the bag really fast, makes the process so much better.

  • 8/6/2014
    works good

    Its different from what I'm used to so I have to get used to it

  • 6/2/2014

    You really have to see it to believe it! I swear it felt like less than 60 seconds for this sack to fill (400lbs). I bought the 3700 pump and it flows like a fire hose. The sack was full before my buddy could get one foot in his wakeboard boot :)