2017 Ronix District / District Wakeboard Package

2017 Ronix District / District Wakeboard Package



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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Ronix - view brand page
Item # P6143


The second generation District is unique in that it adapts to your style of riding. Built for the everyday rider, this board/boot combo package is ready for whatever you throw at it.


Board Description:

The Ronix District/District wakeboard is perfect for those that want a high-performance board but don’t need some ultra fancy pro model. This package is the definition of value. It has everything you’d want in a wakeboard and nothing you don’t need.

“The thing i like about the District is just how easy it is to ride. I can put anyone of any skill level, from a beginner to a rider at a pro event, being confident that the board will be great for them to start learning on or even learning a new trick. Also, it is super easy off the wake. Nice takeoffs and great landings.” - Chad Sharpe, Ronix pro rider

Unlike nearly every other wakeboard out there, the District will adapt to your style of riding. The second generation District is a legendary all-purpose shape that will be a hit with all the riders on your boat.

The versatile rocker line and variable rail is what enables this board to adapt to riders of all ability levels. Just learning to use your edge or get air? The rails toward the belly of the board are fuller for a more forgiving, stable ride. Trying to land your first tantrum or 360? The District is more than capable. Need proof? Just watch Chad Sharpe throw down on the Ronix District.

This board will give your riding an instant boost of confidence. Whether you are just learning to ride or are stomping inverted tricks, this board is ready for whatever you throw at it. Hop on the District and learn for yourself what all the hype is about.

Ronix District Wakeboard Features

  • -Versatile rockerline
  • -Created for the everyday rider
  • -Increased sidecut
  • -G&R technology
  • -Concave bottom
  • -Variable rail
  • -Four fiberglass 1.0" ramp fins

Binding Description:

The District boot is a popular option for those that demand performance but need something that will work for several riders. Ronix engineers describe it as a perfect blend of the most popular features found in the Network and Divide boots.

This boot sits on Ronix’s original brainless frame for reduced overall weight. A stage 2 foam liner offer superior comfort that will reduce fatigue and extend the duration of your runs. The 3D molded tongue support and overall performance of the Network boot. A shell construction most similar to the comfort-fit Divide boot. New for this year, the quick snap lace handles and lace lock make getting in/out easier than ever before.

Many assume that you must choose between comfort or performance. Experience the best of both worlds in this revolutionary boot. Both your feet and wallet will surely thank you for choosing the Ronix District boot.

Ronix District Boot Features

  • -Original baseless
  • -Stage 2 liner
  • -3D molded tongue
  • -Built in j-bars
  • -New quick snap lace handles
  • -New lace lock

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  • 7/18/2017
    Awesome board!
    Jason Hackleman

    Great board and awesome bindings! This is my first ronix board and from and novice wakeborder it is perfect! It's a solid feel and definitely instills confindence the moment you get up! I came from riding a liquid force 138 substance and this board is waaaay lighter and just in a matter of 2 weeks with this board/bindings have already become confident enough to try wake to wake grabs I couldn't fathom on my liquid force. The pop off the wake is great not to aggressive but not tame by any means very predictable and controllable in my opinion. I highly recommend this board for anyone who is trying to upgrade and further there experience wakeboarding you won't be disappointed! Not to mention how solid the district bindings are, great support super comfortable and definitely compliment the board perfectly.