2014 Ronix Bill ATR Wakeboard

2014 Ronix Bill ATR Wakeboard



This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.


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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Ronix - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 142062
Item # 141007


Have you ever really enjoyed the way your wakeboard smells. The Bill ATR smells like pineapples because it should.


Have you ever really enjoyed the way your wakeboard smells. The Bill ATR smells like pineapples because it should. Bill was in Miami on business and stole a bottle of some chicks lotion and threw it on the tip. Just the tip.

The super fast sintered base is skate inspired feel on the water. For the park guys a new softer lay up will enhance presses on rails. There is a new progressive generation of riders that enjoy bigger G23 sized wakes, faster ride speeds, and way longer rope lengths than what Parks and the boys are into. It's some of that West Coast flavor.

Forcing lift under the board will allow it to ride higher on the water meaning less resistance and faster glide speeds. The new 2014 Ronix Bill Wakeboard has more top water momentum meaning you will not have to work as hard.

Naturally Bill and the boys want to go faster off the top of the wake. By exaggerating the shaving of the tip/tail there is a delayed recoil snap for even more skate style. This creates a smoother approach, building energy thru the tail of the board as you transfer over the wake, with more forgiving, predictable landings. One of our most versatile new shapes is also cable friendly. William on a budget with a new third generation softer Bill board.

  • Shape
    • Rails/Edges:Grip & Release Technology
    • Fin Configuration:4-1.0" fins & 4-.8" utility fins
    • Rocker Type:Blended Continuous
    • Hull:Blended Rocker Line
  • Construction
    • Core:Mod Pour-The best strength to weight ratio
    • Laminates:Diamond Glass-Helps transfer energy from the tip to the tail of the board for an increased feel and less swing weight
    • Base Type:Sintered-Fast and durable
  • Features
    • Binding Compatibility:M6 Hardware
    • Technology:Thin profiled shape creates more overall energy off the wake and softer landings
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