2018 Ronix August/August Girls' Wakeboard Package

2018 Ronix August w/ August Girl's Wakeboard Package



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Manufacturer Ronix - view brand page
Item # P7857


Not just a "shrink it and pink it" board, the Ronix August is specially designed to make wakeboarding a fun, enjoyable experience for your little girl.


Board Description:

The next generation of girls are learning how to ride on the Ronix August. A true kids board through and through, every aspect of this board is designed solely for the wants and needs of little rippers. Whether your little one is just learning to get up or is beginning to get air, the August will help make wakeboarding a fun, enjoyable experience for them.

The board is a symmetrical shape but does does have some asymmetrical features to help riders learn toeside edging. While on their toeside edge a rider’s shoulders and hips are not parallel. This puts the rider in an awkward and uncomfortable body position that is unique to wakeboarding. Ronix gave the August a sharper rail and a longer fin on the toeside edge for added stability. The grom glass construction offers a lighter layup for reduced weight and more contact/feel with the water. The 3-stage rocker and wide tip/tail creates a stable, forgiving ride that will help instill confidence in them. Did we forget to mention that this board comes with a 15 sticker set to decorate the board, boat, tow rig, etc.

2018 Ronix August Girl’s Wakeboard

Ronix August Wakeboard


  • -Wide Tip/Tail
  • -Grom Glass
  • -3 Stage Rocker
  • -Two Fiberglass 1.7” Hook Fins
  • -15 Set Sticker Pack Included w/ Board
  • -Designed by Mike Ferraro

Binding Description:

The engineers at Ronix have built some of the most innovative, high-tech boots on the market. The team decided to bring that same level of expertise and collaboratively build the best kids boot out there. Their creation… the Ronix August Girl’s Wakeboard Boot. From the baseless system plate up, everything is designed to make wakeboarding a fun and enjoyable experience for the kids on the boat.

Let’s all be real here, kids do not have the same shaped feet as adults. In order to create a better fit, this boot features a shorter, wider chassis that is suited to properly fit the a child’s foot. The baseless system reduces overall weight and keeps a low profile for added board control and response. Built with Stage 1 Liner Foam, this boot has the softest footbed in Ronix’s lineup of boots. Your child will be a huge fan of the cushy feeling and pillowed comfort. This helps to allow your kid to ride longer and have a more enjoyable experience doing so. Built in j-bars around the ankle area ensure a secure fit and the rider’s foot to prevent slipping around inside the boot while riding. Getting in and out of these boots is quick, easy, and simple thanks to the comfort fit tongue and new lace lock system. After all, your kid wants to spend less time getting ready on the swim deck and more time riding!

A key ingredient to getting your child started wakeboarding is getting the right equipment. The Ronix August Girl’s Wakeboard Boot is a 100% true kids boot tthat will have your daughter smiling from cheek to cheek the moment she slides her feet in them.

2018 Ronix August Girl’s Wakeboard Boots

Ronix August Girl’s Wakeboard Boots


  • -Kids specific chassis
  • -Stage 1 liner
  • -Built in J-Bars
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