WaveControl Aftermarket Surf System

After months of R&D, beta testing, and countless iterations, we are ready to release our WaveControl Surf System to the public.

We are excited to introduce the first fully-automated aftermarket surf system featuring Go Surf Assist’s tab technology. These tabs are not only designed with convenience in mind, they actually make your wave better with their patent pending technology.

Wakesurfing is currently the fastest growing segment of our industry and up until now it’s been hard if not impossible for boat owners to get a world caliber wave without purchasing a brand new boat with a built-in surf system, said Sales Manager Spencer Welch.

You can forget about listing your boat with weight to one side or the other. With WaveControl, you can evenly weight your boat through the hull. Get ready to experience the convenience, safety and comfort of driving a symmetrically weighted boat while wakesurfing.

WaveControl gives the boat rider complete control over side-to-side transfers. Just push the button on our waterproof remote and you can switch from port to starboard and vice versa in under three seconds. The system also comes with a dash-mounted control that the driver can adjust with the push of a button.

WaveControl Aftermarket Surf System from WakeMAKERS on Vimeo.

For more information about WaveControl or to place an order please visit the WaveControl Landing Page