It is going to take more than the factory hard tanks to get that wake the way you’ve always wanted. Designed to directly integrate into the factory ballast system in your specific boat, the WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrades make it quick and easy to add that much needed weight for throwing a bigger wake while still having the convenience of filling/draining at the flick of a switch. An easy DIY install, get ready for bigger waves and more fun.

Factory Ballast Upgrades | How Do They Work?

There are four different specific upgrades WakeMAKERS uses in our Factory Ballast Upgrades: PiggyBack, TankBuster, BagBuster, and Plug N Play. The correct upgrade for you is dependent on the year, make, and model of your boat. Luckily, we have created a finder tool that makes it easy to find the correct upgrade for your boat.

WakeMAKERS PiggyBack Ballast Upgrade

PiggyBack: this upgrade keeps the factory hard tanks in the boat and adds a WakeMAKERS ballast bag on top.

WakeMAKERS TankBuster Ballast Upgrade

TankBuster: this upgrade takes out the factory hard tank and replaces it with a bigger WakeMAKERS ballast bag.

WakeMAKERS BagBuster Ballast Upgrade

BagBuster: this upgrade takes out the OEM ballast bag and replaces it with a bigger WakeMAKERS ballast bag.

WakeMAKERS Plug-N-Play Ballast Upgrade

Plug N Play: this upgrade directly integrates a WakeMAKERS ballast bag to the already existing Plug N Play kit.

Factory Ballast Upgrades Features

The next section will cover some of the key features of the Factory Ballast Upgrades and what it requires to install.

WakeMAKERS LBS Ballast Bag


The WakeMAKERS Locker Ballast Solution (LBS) ballast bags give you the fit of a custom bag without the lofty price tag. Designed to mimic the actual shape of the rear lockers in a v-drive boat, the bags feature a sloped front panel and gradually get wider at the top. The result is a truer fit that results in more capacity (a bigger wake!) Available in a multitude of sizes, you can be sure that the LBS bag selected for your ballast upgrade will fit and perform much better than a standard ballast bag.

WakeMAKERS Boat Specific Ballast Upgrades

Boat Specific Upgrades

This factory ballast upgrade kit is designed specifically for your year, make, and model Malibu boat. Once you put the bag in your rear locker you will immediately recognize that it fits like a glove. Better yet, the direct integration into your boat’s factory ballast system means no new pumps. Once installed, it is time to get on the water, flip the ballast switch on your dashboard, and instantly start building a better wake behind your boat.

WakeMAKERS Quick Connect System

Quick Connect System

We include our exclusive Flow-Rite Quick Connect System with every factory ballast upgrade we offer, making it quick and easy to remove the bags whenever you so desire. The two-part connector easily disconnects to pull out the bag out for cleaning, additional locker storage, or winterization. Once you want to put the bag back in, simply drop it back into place, reattach the quick connects, and your ballast system is ready.

DIY Ballast Upgrade Install

DIY Install

All the factory ballast upgrade kits are designed to be a quick, easy DIY install. Whether you are in the garage, at the boat dock, or even on the water, all you need is about 30 minutes and some basic tools. If you prefer not to install the system, contact our customer support team and we can gladly connect you with your closest authorized WakeMAKERS dealer.

We hope that you have found this blog post insightful. Ready to upgrade your wake? Click below to get started!

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