With two long years of development, Tige has introduced the ASR. This new monster sized wakeboard boat will be the 23 foot flag ship in a line of Apex Series Riders edition boats. Possibly foreshadowing the release of a 21 foot and 25 foot version within the next year. The classic "Tige" look has been pushed aside for a cleaner more modern feel. The ordinary tow boat style seems a thing of the past. The new Apex series boat looks tough with a host of sharp angles and refinements I did not expect from this brand.

The performance is second to none when compared to the current offering from other wake boat manufacturers in the market place. Tige may have just swamped the competition and it is only October. At 23 feet long the ASR will have more than enough hull to accommodate the jaw dropping 3000 lbs. of hidden under floor factory ballast. The vessel is also stout with a massive 102" beam.

I have to say it. The newest Tige ASR will be compared to the Nautique G23 that was presented to the market in 2012. The media and riders went crazy for it's huge wake and even bigger hull. On paper the ASR specs are strikingly similar to the G23. For starters the dry weights are the same, they have the same length and beam, both have a capacity of 16, and both fuel tanks will hold 65 gallons. The only striking difference are the ballast capacities. Tige has almost 200 more pounds of ballast than the Nautique. With all of these exciting stats to nerd out on it is my opinion that Tige will win the game if the price is below $90K.

Tige ASR Specs:

Length: 23 feet

Beam: 102 inches

Weight: 5,400 lbs

Fuel: 65 gallons

Capacity: 16 people

Factory Base Ballast: 3000lbs. (4 Under Floor 750lb. Ballast Bags)

Plug and Play Ballast: 1000lbs. (2 Above Floor 500lb. Ballast Bags)

Power Plant: Indmar Motor

Propeller: Acme 2419 Prop 15" x 12"

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