How-To: Retrofit Older Sumo Sac Bags for Sumo Max Flow Pump

The Sumo Max Flow ballast pump is designed to be compatible with all Sumo Sac ballast bags.

Unfortunately the pump doesn't create a secure connection with older Sumo Sac ballast bags and sprays water while filling. To fix this issue we have a received an order of rubber gaskets that are used to retrofit the valves on older Sumo Sac ballast bags. After the rubber gasket is installed, the Sumo Max Flow pump will have a secure, water tight connection when filling the ballast bag.

Check out the illustration below for retrofitting the rubber gasket on the valve of older Sumo Sac ballast bags.

Sumo Max Flow Retrofit

All customers who have purchased a Sumo Max Flow ballast pump from WakeMAKERS will be shipped the rubber gasket to retrofit their older Sumo Sac ballast bags, creating a secure connection with the Sumo Max ballast pump.

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