If you had any questions about how the Eight.3 Ballast Pump and bags worked together this should help.

This graphic shows the bags new shape as well as fitting placement.

Construction: The material used is very similar if not the same vinyl used to make Fly High ballast bags. The seams have been sonic welded and look to be a little wider than what is used by competitors. From the testing we have been able to do thus far the structural integrity is the same.

Port Locations: There are going to be a mix of ports on the new Eight.3 bags which will allow riders to fill/drain with a 12v pump and integrate them as well. There will be an 1-1/2" high speed fill port on the top of the bag along side a multi functional port. On the end near the bottom will be a drain port for use with WakeMakers Piggy Back systems.

Shape: Ronix has scrapped the traditional square or round shape for a new and improved trapezoid shape. This provides a base that stops the bag from wanting to roll when filling and draining. This feature alone will help so many boat owners.

Eight.3 Ballast System